Easter tale

I remember when the Gibson’s moved in next door, I must have been about eight. They weren’t that old but when you’re little anything over twenty is old.
I can remember hearing mum say they were newly weds and it would be nice to have little kids in the neighbourhood.

To me Mrs Gibson was the most beautiful lady in the world, even at eight, but this might have been influenced by the special treats she made at Christmas and the Easter egg hunt she used to organise every year. Being the oldest of five I was the first to learn the truth about Santa and the bunny so she would conscript my help.

I’m sure I was her favourite, and it took the pressure off Mum her going all this.

I was wondering when her own kids were going to start arriving and when I was twelve I asked her. She started crying and I didn’t know whether to run away or hug her. Surprisingly I did the latter and as she calmed down she explained that she and Mister Gibson were unable to have children.

It hurt me to see my beautiful Mrs Gibson so sad and I told her she was like a second mother to me.

“Oh Danny, that’s so sweet” she’d hugged me tight and it felt so good.

Growing older I stopped going over as much when football and girls came into the scene but we’d always stop and talk when we did see each other. She still had her lovely blonde hair but looked tired when we spoke just before I left for college.

“Are you okay Mrs G?” I’d asked and had received a smile.

“I’ll be fine Danny, and please, you’re eighteen now, call me Dawn.”

“Ok Dawn, look after yourself, I’ll see you when I come home at Christmas.”

“Make sure you do” she’d hugged me and this time it was still nice but felt a lot different than when I was twelve.

Christmas I’d seen her briefly but mum had warned me things weren’t too good in the Gibson house. Dawns parents were there trying to help and the one time we’d got a chance to talk she wasn’t alone. She looked even more tired and I could see the stress was taking its toll.

Just after New Years Mum messaged me that Mister Gibson had moved out. I wasn’t totally shocked but was worried. I had Dawns number but was hesitant to call so sent a text asking how she was.

She replied, telling me she would be ok, that she would call me when she felt up to talking.

The next couple of weeks I heard nothing and as Valentine’s Day approached I decided to do something nice, hoping it didn’t upset her. I gave up a night out and used the money to send some roses, thanking her for being so nice and telling her I’d be thinking of her.

I was surprised later in the day when a picture arrived of her holding the roses, hair glowing, red lips smiling.

“Thank you Danny xxx your valentine”

Two days later she called me and we talked for two hours. She said my roses had made her get dressed up for the first time in weeks to take the picture. I can’t even remember what else we talked about, although she was pleased her husband had left. The last couple of years things had been bad.

We started talking or messaging every few days and so she made an effort I made her send a picture every week of herself looking nice. I’m sure she took it as a challenge and I noticed each weeks picture got a little bit sexier.

I was planning on coming home for Easter and when I told her she got excited.

“I could sure do with a Danny hug”

I thought of how she’d looked in her last picture, a little red dress barely covering everything and joked that if she wore that dress it would be a super hug indeed. The next picture she sent was the same dress but showing even a little more cleavage.

“I’m ready” was all the message said.

The next week I arrived home for Easter and the first thing I noticed was Dawns lawns needed mowing. When I commented to mum she told me that my little brother had offered but that Mrs Gibson had said she’d wait till you got home.

“She went through a real bad patch just after he left” she confided, “but the last few weeks she looks a lot better.”

I sent a a quick message to see if she was home and got an instant reply, saying she was and had been waiting to hear from me since she’d seen me arrive.

I messaged back I’d be there in an hour and caught up with my other siblings, then excused myself to go and check on next doors lawns.

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a nervous tingling let me know what I hoped.

The door opened as soon as I knocked, and I couldn’t see anyone but instantly freshly applied perfume teased my nose. I stepped in and the door shut, there she was.

Blonde hair, big smile, and that red dress. I just stared.

“Danny? Are you ok? Oh god, I’ve made a fool of….”

I didn’t let her finish, stepping in and taking her in my arms, silencing her with my lips.

“You look so beautiful” I said when we broke apart.

“.Oh Danny, you say the nicest things” she stepped in and hugged me again, but this hug was the most memorable, her body pressed tight against mine, lips finding mine.

We kissed our way to her bedroom and by the time she pushed me back on the bed her dress and my shirt was gone and she knelt down to pull off my trousers.

“Mmmmm just what I wanted to see” she giggled as my already hard cock sprung free, “I’ve dreamed of this baby.”

“Oh god” I gasped as she pressed her mouth over me, this had been my dreams too, and I moved again as she took me in deep. I’d never felt anything like this and she pulled back, gripping my balls, smiling.

“Move up the bed, quick” she ordered and I slid up, watching as she climbed on top of me, lowering herself down. “Let me.” With that she leans forward, her breasts pushing into me as we kissed, riding me hard, plunging down on me until I couldn’t hold any longer.

“Yessss Dawn, I’m cumming” I warned her, waiting for her to dismount but instead she pressed herself down harder, locking me in until I exploded inside her, working me as she took every last drop then dropped onto my chest, kissing me.

“This is going to be the best Easter” she whispered.

Beauty’s Beast

She enjoyed walking home from work, the small patch of forest on the edge of town always helped her unwind. The silence would be broken only by the sound of birds and the odd bit of wildlife scampering through the undergrowth.

She wasn’t sure when she first spotted him, or maybe it was a noise she heard out of the ordinary. A large dog, or even maybe a wolf, always off in the distance. She knew she should have been scared but it kept its distance, never adopting a threatening look and found herself looking out for it each day.

One evening, after a particularly long hard day at work she found herself walking home in the dark. She’d never taken the short cut through the forest before but tonight she was meant to be going out on a first date and wanted to make sure she was ready in time.

She’d walked the past so many times that she was able to make her way easily in the half dark. The silence was eerie, the birds silent and she quickened her pace, anxious to reach the clearing.

Almost there she turned the last corner when suddenly her path was blocked by a large figure. Before she could react strong arms grabbed her and she struggled in vain to break free.

“Oh good” a rough threatening voice came from the man, “a feisty one, I like that.” His legs went behind hers as he pushed her to the ground then knelt on her chest as he undid his pants. “Be a good girl for me and you won’t get hurt.”

She screamed and he slapped her face, then smothered her mouth with his large rough hand.

“I’ll make you scream slut” he lay on her and with his free hand he reached under her dress and pulled at her panties, ripping them down her kicking legs. Once he had them off he leaned back and she could feel his rigid cock searching for her sex when she heard a wild growl and her attacker was sent flying.

Climbing to her feet she ran for the edge, hearing behind her a lot of growling and cries of pain as her attacker became the victim of the wolf’s fury.

Once safe inside her house she collapsed on the floor, her body shaking as she realised how close she’d come to maybe being raped and maybe killed. As her breathing returned to normal she phoned her date, apologising for the late notice, promising to ring him tomorrow.

Putting her phone back in her bag she cursed, suddenly realising her purse was missing. Her stomach turned as she thought her attacker might have it and know where she lived.

Grabbing her phone again she was about to dial the police when she heard a scratching at the door. Terrified, she ran to the window, dialing as she went, then hanging up when she saw the wolf limping away from her door. Quickly she moved over, and opening it saw her purse on the mat.

The wolf heard the noise and stopped, turning and looking at her before continuing to limp away.

“Wait” she called out, and without thinking ran down the path, stopping and kneeling beside him. “Did he do this to you?”

The paw lifted and she took the leg, examining it carefully as the large beast leaned against her.

“You were so brave” she told him, stroking his head, “ come and let me fix your leg.”

Turning, she beckoned him to follow and she walked slowly with him back to the house. Tending to his wound took her mind off what had happened earlier and she felt safe with the large animal there.

Tying a bandage over the wound she smiled as he settled down on the floor.

“Rest here while I shower boy” she told him, “ then we’ll see how you are.”

The shower was just what she needed and she shuddered as she washed her sex, remembering her attackers hard cock probing. She hoped he’d been totally scared off by her saviour.

Stepping from the shower she was startled to see the wolf at the door, staring at her nakedness.

“I need a strong man like you” she told him, “I’d never be scared then.”

Putting on a robe she walked to the front door, opening it to let him out, but instead he just looks at her and went back to the laundry and lay down again.

“Ok then, but you’ll have to go in the morning.”

A wave of tiredness overcame her, and forgoing dinner she headed to bed.


She was walking through the forest but it wasn’t dark. The birds were singing but she could understand what they were saying.

Beside her walked the wolf and she moved through the undergrowth with him and nothing touched her.

She was in a part of the forest she’d never been, standing looking at a cabin. The wolf paused, his look willing her to stop, and he moved forward on his own, entering the cabin.

As she waited she looked around, realising she’d seen this place before, in other dreams over the last few months.

It was time.

She somehow knew that and she slowly advanced towards the door.

“Welcome home” the voice startled her, and she turned to leave but couldn’t move. “.Please, don’t go” a young man stepped to the door, his hair long, piercing eyes and as her eyes ran over him she saw the bandage on his arm.

He reached out his hand and she stepped forward and took it, unable to resist, pulling her in against him, their lips touching gently before coming together again in a long deep kiss.

“Come my darling” he led her to the bed, both naked. She was sure she’d been wearing clothes. Where had they gone?

The bed dominated the room and he lay her down, lips travelling down her body, kissing caressing each hardened nipple. Moaning, her eyes opened for a moment and she saw smaller, female wolves watching at the door.

She felt the lips leave her breasts, arriving at her tender clit, teasing and playing, exploring, until she was ready to explode.

Suddenly her lover stopped, turning her over, urging her to her knees. She was facing the door, looking into the eyes of the pack as she felt him behind. His strong hands parted her cheeks and she cried out as he mounted her and thrust inside.

The females in the pack began to howl, as if urging him on, her own cries joining them as she stretched around his huge thrusting cock, waves of pleasure mixing with the pain until his seed exploded inside her.


Her alarm went off, she didn’t want to wake. Face down on her bed, sheets tossed to one side, she felt different.

She was naked. She never slept naked. She remembered her dream and smiled as she reached down to her tender clit.

The wolf, she remembered, I better let him out. Climbing out of bed she went straight to the laundry. The back door was open and he was gone.

Was the whole thing a dream? she wondered.

Putting the radio on she listened to the news.

A man, identified as an escapee from jail, had been found mauled by what he told investigators was a wolf, although authorities doubted there were any in the local forest.


Madames Task

Francine was finding it hard to concentrate, here eyes constantly darting to the clock on her wall. Normally she was fully focused on her work, Madame at the city’s most exclusive brothel wasn’t an easy job.

At exactly eleven o’clock there was a light tap on the door.

“Come in” Francine’s voice was firm and her PA Bella slipped through the door.

“Mister Ryan is here for his monthly meeting Ma’am” Bella stood back from her bosses desk. Francine knew they were all a little scared of her, but all the girls respected her. “Hard but fair” was how they described her.

Bella was totally devoted to her, having come to the establishment desperate for a job. It soon became clear that she wasn’t suited to the sex work but Francine had found herself unwilling to turn the pretty young girl back out on the street and taken it upon herself to train her.

Bella had been a natural at organising Francine’s busy schedule as well as a very adept masseuse and lover when some extra special “organising” was needed.

“Thank you Bella” Francine smiled, then added, “you look beautiful today.”

“Thank you Ma’am” Bella bowed slightly.

“I will need you to stay late tonight, Davis will drive us to my apartment at six. I have already informed wardrobe what to have ready for you.”

“Yes ma’am.” Francine loved role play and already she could picture young Bella in the nurses outfit she’d chosen.

But first things first, Mister Ryan was waiting. No one knew anything about their meetings but most guessed he was an accountant of sorts with his suit and briefcase, they wondered if their Madame was as demanding on him as she was them.

“Please ask Mister Ryan to give me a few minutes, and hold all my calls Bella until he has gone.”

Francine heard the door open then click shut, the bolt sliding across. His scent was unmistakable, the hole for her nose and mouth in the hood allowing it to tease her nostrils.

Kneeling naked on the floor her nipples tingled, as she felt him walk around her a couple of times, stopping once to use the toe of his shoe to spread her legs a little wider, checking her bare sex.

His footsteps moved away and she heard his brief case open before returning and standing in front of her.

“Arghhhhhh” she groaned involuntarily as simultaneously both nipples were clamped and then he urged her to her feet with the attached chain before placing the third clamp on her already aching clit.

“Have you something to say to me?” his tone demanding.

“Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl” he led her to her desk and leaned her back against it, “I have a present for you” and as he pushed her legs apart she felt a cold hard object inserted into her, moaning as it pressed against her sensual spot. “Now turn around” he ordered.

She heard him fiddle in his bag, her legs weakened as she anticipated the flogger she knew he carried.

“Oh god” the inserted object inside her began to vibrate hard and her legs nearly gave way.

“Oh I’m sorry” he laughed, “it must have been on high.” The vibrating decreased to a low hum, sending delicious sensations through her body. Francine was relaxing into it when the first strike of the flogger slapped against her bare arse.

“AHHHHHHHHHH” Francine cried out, the second swing on her bare back. Each movement of her body pulled on the clamps and she could feel herself dripping as the pain teased her whole body.

Between each swing he slowly upped the vibration, searching for her limits, aware that she wouldn’t cum until he’d told her too, waiting for her to beg.

“I wonder how long that pretty little Bella would last” he taunted her, the tendrils of the flogger wrapping around, pulling at the chain near her breasts, “would you like to see that pet?”

“Please Sir” Francine begged.

“Please what my little pain slut, please let you watch? Or please let you cum?”

“Oh please , let me cum” she begged and he turned the vibrator full on.

“I’m sure she would last much longer, after lots of training” he kept teasing her, then leaned in close, ” are you ready pet?”

“Yessssss’ please, sir, yessssss” and as he pulled the clamps away he ordered “NOW” the jolt of pain sending her over the edge, her body wracked by orgasmic tremors.

As she lay there panting the vibrations stopped and he withdrew the object. A single click signalled the closing of the case then footsteps and the unlocking of the door.

As it clicked closed Francine steadied herself then reaching up to removed the hood. She’d not been expecting the vibration balls and could still feel the aftermath.
He was getting very inventive she thought, an added bonus. That and the thousand dollars she knew would be in her account before day’s end.

She hadn’t retired completely.

His mention of Bella also set her mind alight and she reached for the phone.

“Here fast Bella, I have need of you” she ordered then sat back in her chair, legs spread, awaiting her eager young PA.

Her Dance


He plays
She dances
Men will fight
To be the one
Chosen tonight
To feel the rhythm
Body press
Like liquid flows
Beneath her dress

Satisfy her
In the dance
The lucky few
Will get the chance
From the floor
They will be led
The dance of lust
Ends in her bed

Happy Thanksgiving My Boy

“Has the family waited for you for dinner David?” his co worker asked.
“No, they’ve all gone to my mother’s family for a few days, mom didn’t want to leave me alone but I insisted, it’s the only time she sees them.” His first year at the department store and he’d been rostered on to prepare for the sales and couldn’t say no.
“I know a young man like yourself probably has plans but would you like to come and have dinner with my husband and I, we always have too much food.”
David hadn’t been looking forward to spending the night on his own and he knew Dawn didn’t live far from his house.
“What about your family?”
“Oh, we did the family thing on the weekend, so it will be just us three” Dawn replied.
“That would be lovely then Dawn, as long as it’s ok with Brian.” At twenty David had only ever had one girlfriend and she’d gone away to college. He’d spent a lot of time fantasising about the older Dawn, who at thirty five and with her long dark hair had seemed the woman of his dreams.
“Oh, I know he won’t mind” she grabbed his arm and kissed his cheek. “This will be such fun, you know where I live so I’ll see you in an hour.”
She left him standing there, still feeling her lips on his cheek. She turned and saw him.
“Don’t be late.”
David went home and changed and an hour later was knocking on the front door of a large house with a metal sign next to the door that read Vegas. He had heard that Dawn’s husband was a hot shot lawyer and had wondered why Dawn worked at all.
The door opened and a man in his sixties looked at David.
“Good evening, you must be David, I’m Brian.”
He held out his hand and David shook it, then Brian stepped back.
“Please come in, Dawn is expecting you. Thank you so much for coming over.”
“I wasn’t looking forward to spending the evening alone” David admitted, “what’s with the Vegas sign? It looks good.
“One of Dawn’s friends gave it to us, you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” Brian smiled.
David was led through the large house, the lovely smell of dinner coming from the kitchen as they passed then into a large room. A full bar was in the kitchen and there must have been a dozen couches spread around the room.
“Would you like a Martini?” Brian asked. Before David could answer, Dawn entered the room, answering for him.
“The young man may prefer a beer Brian.”
David turned towards the voice and his jaw must have almost hit the ground. Dawn was wearing the shortest of black shirts with a sliver top that opened right down to her navel, her breasts barely hidden. Long black hair framed her gorgeous face and her bright red lips parted in a smile at his reaction.
“Welcome to Vegas David” she walked towards him, her six inch heels bringing her up to his six foot height. She pressed her lips against his and he felt the tip of her tongue, her perfume intoxicating.
David glanced over to Brian at Dawn’s display of affection and saw him smiling, as he put a martini and a beer on the bar.
“Go and finish dinner now dear” Dawn instructed him, “I’ll give our guest a little tour.”
Brian returned to the kitchen and Dawn took David’s hand, scraping his skin with her long nails.
“This is our party room. I know it’s very big when just the three of us here but when we have a party we sometimes run out of couches. At least some are big enough to share. Now bring your drink and I’ll show you the rest.”
The next room had a big square spa that could easily fit twenty.
“This normally frees up a couch or two as people love a good spa. You’ll have to come back one day” she squeezed his hand and smiled.
Her closeness and perfume was making David hard and he didn’t have a free hand to adjust himself. He wriggled a bit and Dawn looked down at him and smiled, David was sure she licked her lips.
She then led him to a cinema room that seated twenty.
“Wow, what a great party house, you must have some good times here” David exclaimed.
“Oh we do” smiled Dawn, “that’s why our friends call it Vegas, what happens here definitely has to stay here.”
They walked back to the main room and Dawn led him to a large couch.
“Do you like my dress David? I wore it especially for you.”
“Um, I love it Dawn and um thank you.”
“I’ve seen you look at me at work, it turns me on” she put her lips against his ear, “did you know that?”
“No” David stuttered, “but you look so sexy” he blurted out.
She rested her hand on his leg and was sliding it up when Brian entered the room.
“Dinner’s ready” David jumped, expecting Dawn to pull her hand away but she kept sliding it up until it covered his growing erection.
“So is dessert by the feel of it” she joked, then stood, waiting for David and walked to the dining room.
As they were sitting David’s phone rang and as he went to turn it off saw it was his mother.
“It’s mom, do you mind?”
“Of course not, say hi to Kathleen from me” Dawn replied.
David was confused for a moment as he didn’t realise his mother and Dawn knew each other.
His mother was concerned he was home alone but he assured her he was ok and that one of the ladies from work had asked him home.
“Is it Dawn?” his mother asked, “I did mention to her we would be away.”
“Yes, she says hello.”
“It’s an amazing house isn’t it” she replied, “tell her hello from me and I’ll see her at next weeks’ get together. Be good baby” she added, “do your mother proud.”
David hung up and passed the message to Dawn about next week.
“Oh good” Dawn exclaimed, “Kathleen is such fun.”
David wondered if they were talking about the same Kathleen as he couldn’t imagine his mother and Dawn having much in common.
Over dinner the conversation was normal, and when David asked Dawn, she explained that she kept working because she enjoyed it.
“I’ve cut back to three days a week but that still gives me a chance to meet my friends and new people. The money allows me a few little luxuries I like to buy for myself.”
Brian was very quietly spoken, letting Dawn do most of the talking. David didn’t care, he was entranced by the older lady hanging on every word, almost purring every time she touched his arm or pressed her heel against his leg under the table.
Brian stood and started to clear the dishes and David stood as well.
“Would you like some help?” he offered.
“Oh no David, Brian will happily do that won’t you pet” and as Brian smiled in agreement Dawn stood, “come with me and relax, we had a busy day today and it’ll be crazy tomorrow. I think I know just what we need.”
She led him through the big room and into a room off the side. A large couch faced a window looking out into the night garden and a circular bed was set in the middle of the room.
“When the party room gets to crowded this is my retreat. The glass is one-way looking out so it’s totally private, come sit with me.”
Dawn curled up against him then turned her head and cupped his chin with one hand.
“Are you enjoying Thanksgiving David?” she asked and when he nodded she drew his lips down and kissed him, “so am I, a lot.”
“Um, will Brian know where we are?” David asked
“Oh yes, Brian knows, don’t worry. He’s such a good boy, he’ll do the dishes then go straight up to our bedroom and wait for me to come to bed. I’m guessing he’s so hard in his cage, especially after your reaction to the outfit he chose for me to wear.”
“He knows?” David started.
“Oh yes” Dawn told him, “he’ll be hoping I bring him up a lovely cream pie dessert” Dawn undid David’s shirt buttons then started on his belt, “do you think that’s possible my boy?”
Without giving him a chance to answer she turned, kneeling on the couch, kissing him deeply as she released his cock into her hand.
“What a shame we both have an early start in the morning. I wanted to have you for a whole night. But I’m sure you’ll be back, aren’t you?”
“Oh yes” David moaned against her lips as she pumped him.
Dawn leaned back, spreading her legs wide, displaying her smooth sex.
“Come baby, taste how wet you’ve made me” she gripped his head, pushing it against her, moaning as she locked her legs around him, thrusting into his mouth until her first orgasm struck her.
“Now” she released him, getting on her knees “you’ve got the real thing boy, no more fantasy, fuck it, fuck me hard, fill me full of your gorgeous young cum”.
David had never been so ready. This was so different to his other times with his girlfriend. Grabbing her hips he slammed into her soaked pussy, his balls hitting her arse with each hard thrust, grabbing her hair and pulling back until he felt her starting to shake on his cock and he exploded, her spasming muscles milking him of his huge load.
Collapsing behind her, he wrapped his arms around her, breathing hard on her neck.
“I think you better drive me to work tomorrow David, because then I’ll need a lift home” she turned, kissing him and stroking his hair. ”
“Happy Thanksgiving my boy”



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It was just after midday on Thanksgiving and I had almost arrived in town. The roads had been so quiet as I drove in, presumably everyone must have been having lunch. As I passed the outskirts of town ,there was an unexpected loud bang, suddenly the car was swerving all over the road. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic about and I avoided hitting anyone. As I brought the car to a stop, I stepped out to see what had happened.

The front tire was shredded and giving it a kick , I heard a female voice say

“That wont help much.”.

I turned to see a small group of people standing in front of an adjacent house. The lady who had spoken was at the front smiling, and I couldn’t help but smile back. She walked towards me and the first thing I noticed, after her smile, were the gorgeous red soled heels she was wearing. She saw my eyes drop lingering down to them and smiled again, before holding out her hand. She introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Jenna, you seem to be knee-deep in a dilemma there cowboy .”

I laughed at her understatement . “Hello ,I’m David”, and then I saw her look of surprise upon hearing my accent.

“Is that an Australian accent?”

“It sure is”, I laughed.

“I could listen to you all day” . She let go of my hand. “Where are you heading Aussie “?

“Bakersfield ” , I told her.

“That’s a few hours away” . She turned to a couple of her friends, still watching from the other side of the road. “C’mon boys ,let’s show this nice Australian some good ol southern hospitality, get on over here and let’s help change the tire.”

“Thank you for the offer but I don’t have a spare. This is my second flat today.”

“Well , that does there put you in a pickle boy ” one of the men said, “Nothing will be open today being Thanksgiving. Looks like you’re stuck here Mister.” He walked back over to the group and Jenna followed, then after a short discussion came back over to me.

“Would you like to join us for Thanksgiving lunch? We can’t just leave you out on the street. Afterwards we will call around and find you a room for the night.”

“That would be lovely thank you” I replied. I had allowed an extra day in my trip and this seemed as good a way as any to spend it.

“C’mon Aussie David let’s go eat”, Jenna grabbed my arm and gave it a squeeze.

I turned toward her and smiled, guessing she was in her mid fifties, and I imagined she attended gym regularly, Her skin flawless , and a body as tone as a young girl .

“I’m going to make you talk all afternoon just so I can listen”, she laughed, as we walked across the road to the house.

Everyone must have been just about ready to eat, when my tire had startled them , so they kindly grabbed a plate for me and fitting a chair in beside Jenna , sat me down.

“Would you like to say grace David?”, the man who had invited me asked.

“It would be an honour”, I replied quickly trying to think of something to say. Everyone around the table joined hands and I felt Jenna’s small hand wrap around mine. I looked sideways at her and she gave me a quick wink and a grin crossed her pretty face.

“Lord” I began, “We would like to thank you for everything that you have provided for us, and as we all come together today in thanksgiving, we pray you are looking after all those that have departed this wonderful family. On a personal note I would like to thank you for the flat tire that has led me here to their table.” I felt Jenna squeeze my hand. “Thank you Lord.”

“That was beautiful David thank you” As Jenna let go of my hand and dropped hers onto my leg. “This is going to be a great Thanksgiving.”

I told them about my travels as we ate and they asked lots of questions. I was trying to work out who was where and they laughed as I got confused. I was interesting to find out that Jenna was a widow.

“I’m so sorry” I dropped my hand down onto hers and she gave it a little squeeze.

“Thank you David, I do miss him, especially at this time of year. He loved Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though we had no children of our own he spoiled his nieces and nephews rotten.”

There was a chorus of agreement around the table.

After we finished eating one of Jenna’s nieces called the nearest motel and returned to the table looking grim.

“They are full and told me the whole towns booked out” she said.

“Don’t worry about me” I told her, “after a meal like that I could sleep anywhere. I can put the seat down in the car.”

“I’m sure we can find a couch for you” , my host offered.

“There’s no need really” I replied.

“Of course there’s no need” Jenna interjected, “I have a big empty house. You can come and stay with me.”

“But Aunt Jenna, are you sure that’s safe” , one of her nephews asked. “No offence David but we barely know you.”

“I will be fine Tom”, Jenna answered him, “and I can always lock my door if I feel the need.” As she said these last words I turned to her and caught her smile and must have blushed as her nails dug into my thigh.

She was adamant that I was staying with her so there was no more discussion.

“Well the least I can do is help with the dishes” I offered.

“It’s ok David, go and watch the football with the boys. You might learn something about the game”, Jenna laughed.

Thirty minutes later I knew a little more about American football, but the men all knew a lot more about me and they seemed more comfortable with their aunts decision. The door opened and Jenna led a couple of the ladies into the room and sat over from me.

“Are you a fan yet David?” She asked.

“If you mean the football I still don’t understand it but I am definitely a fan of your wonderful family.”

“They are special aren’t they” she crossed her legs and my eyes were drawn once again to her red soles heels. She saw where my gaze had gone and let the heels slip off slightly, dangling on the end. I looked up and her eyes locked on mine. She was totally aware of the effect it was having on me.

“It’s starting to get a bit dark David, go and get your bag and we’ll get on our way”, Jenna said as she stood.

Thanking everyone I headed out to the car and retrieving my bag locked it up for the night. Jenna was waiting by a pickup with Tom and as I placed my bag in the back he came around to my side and held out his hand.

“Thanks for everything” I said as I shook his hand.

“Our pleasure David, Jenna will bring you back at 9am and we’ll go get
everything fixed up .” He pulled me in closer before releasing my hand and his voice went to a whisper,”She’s special to us just remember that ok?”

I knew exactly what he meant and looked him square in the eye and nodded and he patted me on the shoulder before turning to Jenna.

“Anything you need just call, ok Auntie Jenna ?”

“I’ll be fine Tom, I don’t think I’ll need a gun under my pillow. If he keeps talking in that damn Aussie accent David might though” she laughed.

I climbed into her truck and as we drove off we waved to her family.

“Do you really have guns?” I asked her and she laughed.

“Only five, how many do you have?”

“None, not many people do in Australia.”

“umm I thought you might have wanted to borrow one after what I just said.” We both laughed and she turned into the driveway of a ranch style house. “Welcome to my humble abode. Grab your bag and follow me” and she jumped out and walked towards the front door.

“It’s going to be so nice to have company” she chatted away as she opened the front door. She led me to a room of the hallway with a single bed. “Put your bag here. If you want the bathroom its the next door, I’m just going to change so I’ll meet you in the living room when you’re ready.”

“Thank you so much, you are spoiling me” and she took my arm.

“We can all do with a bit of spoiling, it’s what I miss the most. It’s hard to spoil yourself. See you soon” and she disappeared to the other end of the house.

The house was warmly heated so I gave myself a quick wash and changed into a new shirt before heading to the living room. The home was spacious , and beautifully furnished.I took the opportunity while waiting to look at the pictures on the mantelpiece. Amongst graduation and baby pictures of what I guessed were the nephew and nieces, were two pictures of Jenna and the man I guessed was her late husband.

The older picture showed her dressed for probably a wedding, her short black dress showing off her gorgeous legs and her pretty blonde hair pressed in against the chin of the big man holding her tight. Both their smiles lit up the picture.

The more recent picture showed the same couple but the smiles were more strained. The big man looked a lot leaner and Bronwyn was turned slightly towards him as though supporting him. You could still see the love for each other in their faces though.

“Ray was a good man” her voice startled me. “It’s been almost three years but I still miss him so much.” I turned from the pictures and was surprised to see that she had changed into a dress but was still wearing the heels.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel sad” I said as I walked toward her and put my arm around her shoulders.

“Not sad, they are beautiful memories.”

I noticed she had placed a glass of wine on a side table next to an armchair and she motioned me to sit as she crossed to the sofa.

“I love the dress” I said appreciatively, “but are the heels your house slippers?”

“You are funny Aussie” she laughed, “no, I kept these on because I noticed a certain man seemed to like them.”

“He certainly did”, I agreed, “he was very impressed.”

“I do know what they can do to a man” she turned side on and lifted one leg up onto the sofa, her foot arching and dress riding up exposing her thigh. “I hope I didn’t make you too uncomfortable.”

“Maybe a little” I smiled, “but in a nice way.”

Locking her eyes on mine she leaned forward and stroked the shoe along to her ankle causing me to moan slightly.

“Maybe you might like a closer look?” and when I nodded she crooked her finger and beckoned me over. “Don’t be scared now.”

My legs were shaking as I rose and walked across to the sofa. Jenna extended her arms, inviting me down into her embrace and balancing myself on the arm of the sofa I allowed her to draw me in, our lips just touching, then locked in a passionate kiss, the sexual tension between us since we had first met, coming to the fore.

I broke the kiss and then knelt, my lips running over her heel on the sofa stopping at her exposed toes.

“Oh my, you do love my heels don’t you David” she said as she dropped a hand and playfully rubbed my hair. She lifted the other foot and playfully pressed the heels into my groin area, teasing my hardening cock.

Shifting on the seat she moved one leg over my shoulder then lifted the other and pulled her dress back onto her stomach exposing the hairs covering her sex. They were neatly trimmed and he could see the dampness glistening on them.

“May I tempt you with my special dessert?” Jenna smiled, then gasped as I pressed my head forward and licked the length with my tongue. “Ohh god yes” she moaned, “I have missed this so much” and she wrapped her fingers in my hair pulling me in tight.

I was struggling to pull back a little to allow my tongue to wrap around her clit when her cellphone rang. Looking over at it she laughed.

“It’s Tom, Id better answer, but don’t stop” and just before she picked it up I got her clit between my teeth and she gasped then answered.

“Hi Tom” a pause , “yes Tom all good, no, he’s being the perfect gentleman, nothing is too much trouble.” Right there I wriggled my tongue in her and she shuddered and clamped my head tight. “I’m just giving him a little supper then it will be bed time. Yes I know we all ate so much but these Aussies have quite an appetite.”

I flicked my tongue over her clit and she almost moaned, taking a sharp breath.

“Of course Tom, I’ll call you. I think someone’s coming, bye” and she pressed the button and dropped the phone. “Fuck you Aussie, I almost came when I was talking to him, don’t stop now” and as I drive a finger in searching for her spot while sucking on her clit she started wailing and thrusting her sex against my face, her body shaking with the orgasm.

“Come up here” her throaty southern accent invited me, and I must have looked quite a sight, my face covered in her juice. “umm look what I’ve done to you” she smiled and licked at my lips before drawing me into another long kiss, her breathing still heavy.

“Help me up” she asked and as I did she kept hold of my hand, “I told Tom we were going to bed after supper so we better do as I said” and she led me into her bedroom and sat on the bed in front of me. “Take off your shirt” and as I did she unbuckled my pants and slid them down, my hard cock springing free and almost hitting her. She reached out and took it in both hands, her tongue licking at the excitement leaking from the eye.

“My turn for supper” as she slid her mouth over me and down the length, drawing back only to allow her tongue to tease up the soft skin underneath. As she worked me, one hand moved around and cupped my balls and she squeezed the fullness, causing me to moan

“All for me, lovely” she smiled up at me and then concentrated once again, her mouth sliding up and down my length, her tongue and teeth driving me crazy.

Suddenly she stopped and drawing the dress over her head she crawled up in the bed, naked except for her heels and I caught sight of her small pert breasts. Setting herself up on all fours she looked back over her shoulder.

“Take me David, fuck me hard, I need to feel a hard cock from behind. Ride me hard, cowboy.”

I didn’t need any further urging and clambered onto the bed and moved in behind her and she lifted herself slightly to take me in.

“Ohhh fuck yes “as I entered slowly and I felt her close around me, “ride me baby, grab my hair.”

I reached out, grabbing her hair, pulling back as I started to thrust harder, her tiny frame bouncing around on the end of me. With a handful of hair I starting spanking her with the other, sensing this need in her and the howls of delight proved me right.

“Oh yes baby, spank your naughty girl” she whimpered, her hand dropping between her legs, touching as my cock slid past her clit and I felt her body begin to shake.

“Yes Jenna oh fuck yes, I’m going to cum” I cried out, and as I tried to pull out she moved back with me.

“No baby, no don’t leave me, fill me” she begged and as her body let go , so did mine and I exploded into her, riding her orgasm through with my own until finally I withdrew and collapsed on the bed beside her. I was laying on my back and she was still on all fours and she turned and looked at me saucily under her arm, her face alive with the pleasure, then she moved her body so she was laying on top of me and we kissed.

“I never thought I would be giving thanks for a flat tire on Thanksgiving” she giggled, but oh Lordy “Thank You for my blessing ” Amen

The end

A Night In The Sauna

It was late, the stupid dinner was meant to have finished a lot earlier. She had hoped she would get back to her room earlier.  Had been away from home now for 3 days and was feeling horny. Reading the information on the hotel she had noticed that they had a sauna and a spa and  had been planning on having a nice session there then returning to her room ringing her lover and using the toy she had packed. But now everything would probably be shut.

As she walked past the desk she stopped, no harm in asking  the man behind the counter what time the sauna closed. He looked at the time, telling her in 10 minutes. He must have seen her frown so he told her that he was on for another hour and that he would keep it open for her. She thanked him heading straight for her room, changing into a robe and went straight back down. The room was quiet, she liked it like this and she walked across to the sauna opening the door. Mmmm, the heat hit her and the fragrance of the steam filled her nose. As she expected it was empty and she settled herself on the bench, closing her eyes, letting the tensions of the day disappear. She started to think of what she had planned for the rest of the evening, and felt a tingle in her pussy. She smiled to herself,  couldnt wait to hear her lovers voice. Could almost feel her toy rubbing over her, in her,  as her lover talked her to a raging orgasm. Without thinking her hand slipped down her body, under her robe.  She found herself touching her growing wetness and she rubbed her finger over her clit, trembling slightly.

Suddenly she heard the door and she quickly drew her hand out, straightening the robe. It was the man from the counter and he was in a robe as well. He told her his friend had agreed to finish his shift for him and that he felt like a sauna too after she had mentioned it. He smiled, telling her he had been pleased to see that she was still there when he peered through the window in the door. Something about the way he said this made her realise he had been watching as she touched herself, and her face, already flushed from the sauna flushed even more. He came over, sitting beside her, and she found herself between the wall and him.
she wasnt sure what to do and she started to stand. He put his hand on her leg holding her down on the bench. He turned to face her  and the hand on her leg slipped between them and he told her not to go. She tried once more to stand and he moved his hand quickly between her legs, straight to her sex and she gasped as he touched her. Releasing the pressure slightly he told her she could leave now if she wished but he wanted her to stay. She parted herlegs further apart so his finger could enter her and he  smiled at her reaction  and  moved his finger in her. The other hand spread her robe revealing her breasts. She started to struggle against his hand again but she couldnt deny he was getting her wetter and wetter and when he bent his head kissing and biting her nipples she couldnt help but let out a moan ,He grabbed her hand placing it between his legs and she felt his hard cock. He pulled open his robe and she looked down at it glistening in the heat. Removing his fingers from inside her he grabbed her arm pulled her off the bench turning her so she was kneeling facing him.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and she looked up into his face. Smiling down, his cock inches from her lips  she went to move her head to suck him but he held her head steady by the hair. “Do you want to suck me girl?” he demanded of her. She tried to nod but then he asked her again and she answered…”yes sir” and he yanked her hair forward and her mouth opened taking him in. She felt the pressure lessen on her hair as she worked her mouth lips and tongue over him and her pussy started to ache at the thought of the cock sliding in and out of her. She could feel him starting to tense.  Suddenly he pulled her mouth off him and  told her to kneel on the bench.
Lost to the passion he had ignited in her she willingly obliged and he climbed up behind her and suddenly she felt his cock slam inside her.It  felt so good as he rode her,  his hard cock rubbing all the right places inside her and she dropped her hand between her legs, touching, stroking her clit as he rode her madly. She could feel an orgasm building and she started to cry out and as she felt him start to pump harder and harder. She came with a yell,cumming so hard, still cumming as he exploded into her, gripping her arse. Holding her hard onto him as her filled her spasming pussy.
He held her onto him for a while then climbed off the bench going around in front of her. She sensed what was expected of her and reached out taking his softening cock in her hands licking and sucking their juices off it. When she had finished  he smiled down, stroking her head…”good girl