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Asleep she found him
On his back
Smiled to herself
Planned attack
Uncovered him
Removed the sheet
Reached out and touched
Cock looked so sweet

Stroked him hard
Heard waking sound
As his eyes opened
Swung leg around
Before one word
Could be said
Her moistened sex
Dropped on his head

Across his mouth
Let body rock
Fingers wrapped
Around his cock
Then head bent down
Took him through lips
Sucked in time
To moving hips

Now awake
He knew his task
Fingers joined
No need to ask
Probing tongue
Clit rubbed by teeth
Loved how he pleased her

First orgasm
Against her smiled
Her second one
Her body wild
His body jerked
She knew the sign
Clamped on him, swallowed
Sixty nine




A special thank you to suzi chankhio 11 and Jaxs jdenison7 for their photographic contribution this was a difficult one to get ” Just Right”

Tamsin Baker’s great new book…with a teaser

The Silver Tongued City Boy
By Tamsin Baker
Contemporary m/m novella

Mitchell’s job is his life. He works hard, with good men and he gets to be around the horses he loves. The only thing that will ruin his perfect life is if they find out he’s gay, but that’ll never happen, so he’s safe.
Jayden Donner doesn’t really want to visit his estranged father on his farm, but how else is he going to get the money he needs for his overseas holiday?
When Mitchell first sees Jay, he knows the city boy is trouble. But Jay won’t leave him be, and when the sparks fly, hay bales won’t be the only thing on fire.

Excerpt :
Jay kissed him as though they were teenagers necking. Greedy, too fast and so passionate as to make him want to laugh. Did Jay really want him that badly?
His answer came when Jay moved around to his side and grabbed Mitchell’s cock in his hand, stroking and rubbing along the shaft. Hot prickles of pleasure shot down his spine and along his cock.
He closed his eyes and let the intense sensations wash over him. Jay’s lips at his neck, the hand on his prick, stroking and coaxing him to feel good.
“I want in you.” He heard the words and nodded while his brain began to float. He wanted that too.
Jay’s fingers worked their way between the crack of Mitchell’s arse and pushed down.
Mitchell spread his legs blindly, leaning forward and gasping as Jay’s hand sped up on his cock.
“I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” He mumbled and added a groan for emphasis.
Jay bit down on his shoulder, the pain a sweet relief from the intense pleasure tightening his balls.
“Don’t…” Jay said against Mitchell’s shoulder and slowed his hand down so that the swell of his orgasm decreased to a manageable level.
Jay leaned back a little and brought his hand to his mouth, sucking on two of his fingers before moving them back down Mitchell’s body. He closed his eyes as saliva slick fingertips found Mitchell’s arse hole and he leaned forward, aching for the penetration he knew was coming.
“Lube… check the first aid kit.” The thought came to him from out of nowhere. There could be some sort of lubricant in that. Without something, it was gonna hurt like hell.
He broke away from the warmth of Jay’s body, determined to find something, anything that would help.
He pulled down the large white tin box that rested against the wall. They mostly used these things on the horses if they were injured, but there could be something.
He rummaged through the box, pushing past the bandages and horse ointments until he found the perfect thing.
“Ah ha!” He held the tub of Vaseline up triumphantly, true excitement flooding his body. He was going to get fucked, and it was going to feel so good!
Jay grinned and held his hand out for it.
His breath whistled a little through his teeth as he took a deep breath. Yes, this was what he wanted, and damn the consequences.
Mitchell placed the tub into Jay’s hand and turned away, pressing his palms up against the shed wall. They felt cold beneath his palms, a startling contrast to the heat emanating off his body.
He twisted his head around to watch Jay sheath his hard cock with the condom and rub some of the Vaseline over top of the latex.
He shifted his feet and opened his legs wider. Mitchell looked back at the wall for a moment before letting his eyes slide closed. A moan escaped his lips when Jay’s hand caressed his arse. His need for this had always disturbed him a little. He was a man, a real countrified bloke by most peoples standards, but being fucked just felt so good if done by the right person. It was obvious that Jay was a natural top, so Mitchell’s more submissive side was just aching for what was coming.
“You’re frikken beautiful, you know that?” Jay’s smooth words washed over him like a cleansing rain, making goose bumps rise to his skin and a shudder to ripple through him.
“Yeah right.”
He opened his legs wider and bumped his arse back, hoping Jay would get the message and hurry up about it.
Instead, Jay’s hand roamed up his back, tugging at his horrible red hair.
“It’s true. Since the moment I saw you in that bathroom, I’ve wanted you. All these beautiful muscles, amazing skin. Not to mention, an incredible arse.” Jay spoke as he touched, running his hand over Mitchell’s shoulders, down his spine and finally cupping the curve of is arse.
The shivers started again and Mitchell pressed his palms harder against the shed’s wall. Jay’s words were making him feel special and arousing him at the same time. He cleared his throat, not trusting his voice to sound human.
“Come on, you silver tongued city boy. Fuck me, please.”
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A fragrant Mother’s Day

Fragrances are special
Memories they will build
Of the women in our life
Hard working and strong willed
Always loving caring
Always did their best
We weren’t always perfect
Put them to the test

When you’re in the street
Do you sometimes catch a scent
That brings back happy memories
Of fun times that you spent
Mum would dress for dinner
Or maybe it was nan
They always had their fragrance
They knew tantalised their man

So this Mother’s Day take the time
The tribute yours to pay
If you have some of mums perfume
Give a little spray
Sit back somewhere quiet
Close yours eyes, enjoy the smell
Let the magic of a mothers love
Wrap you in its spell