Birthday baking


Angela wasn’t happy. It was her birthday today and she’d been looking forward to lunch with her boyfriend. Ex boyfriend now to be precise.

She’d called his phone to see where he was and it’d been answered by some giggly girl telling her he was busy. So much for the new outfit she’d bought and her hairdo.

She was halfway up the stairs when the door bell rang and was tempted to ignore it until she heard the singing.

“Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday Mrs Patterson

Happy birthday to you”

It made her smile. She knew the voice, young David from next door. She’d seen his car there earlier, he must be home for his birthday. 

They shared the same day so ever since they’d moved in next door she’d backed him something. She’d not done anything this year as since he’d finished college he was working and living a couple of states away.

Peeking through the window she saw he was carrying a bunch of flowers, his part of the tradition. She hoped he wasn’t too disappointed.

“Happy birthday David” Angela said as she opened the door.

“Happy birthday Mrs….” he’d been looking around when she’d opened the door and as soon as he saw he stopped talking, his mouth staying open. “Oh wow, ummm” he found his voice again. “You look great.”

“Thank you David” she held the door open, inviting him inside, taking the flowers. “Come in, I’ll get a vase.” She walked towards the sitting room. “I’m sorry dear, but I wasn’t expecting you home so I haven’t baked a treat.”

“You mean this isn’t my treat?” he joked. She turned to him, pretending to frown and he got all flustered. “I’m sorry Mrs Patterson. Are you going out? I better get going.”

“I was going out but I’m not now, and don’t go. I was teasing you” Angela smiled as she placed the vase on the coffee table. “They’re beautiful, thank you.”

“I don’t need any baking treats anyway” David smiled, patting his stomach. “I’m trying to lose the couple of pounds I’ve put on since college.

“Really? I couldn’t tell” she rested her hand on the front of his shirt. He felt so good, firm, unlike the men she’d dated this past year. She looked up at him, noticing his eyes were fixed on her breasts. The dress really did show them off well.

“You like my dress David?” Her hand still rested on his chest and he just nodded. “I do too” she leaned against him, standing on tiptoe and whispered in his ear. “It makes me feel sexy.”

What was she doing? Touching had set off all sorts of feeling and as she leaned in she felt the bump in his groin, a large bump.

“You look so sexy Mrs Patterson.” Angela kept herself pressed against him. He was no longer a boy but there was something incredibly arousing about him calling her Mrs Patterson. Moving her hip against his groin his lips parted in a moan.

Instinctively she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, smiling as his eyes watched transfixed.

“Would you like to kiss me David?”

“Yes, please Mrs Patterson.” Angela parted her lips as David bent towards her. Their lips touched and fearing he may pull away she wrapped an arm around his neck, holding him there as she tasted him. 

Oh god, he was so fresh, so young, skin soft and smooth from his recent shave, the fragrance of his aftershave attacking her senses.

“How long are you home for?” Angela broke the kiss and breathlessly asked?

“Dinner with the family tonight then I leave early in the morning.”

That made Angela’s mind up. She grabbed David’s hand and pulled him towards the stairs.

“Come with me baby, I think it’s time I updated your treat.”

David seemed unsure when they reached the bedroom and started fiddling with his shirt buttons.

“Let me, I love unwrapping presents” Angela soon had his shirt off, running her nails over his chest, making his nipples hard and tender with her kisses. “Oh Davey, your gorgeous” she moaned as he squirmed against her mouth.

Looking down she fumbled with his belt with one hand, cupping him with the other, then dropped to her knees as she let the pants fall. She wasn’t disappointed she wrapped both hands around him, her lips on the tip as she looked up into his face.

His eyes were shut, her blonde hairdo now wrapped in his fingers, as she released his cock and slid him deep inside her mouth. Damn, she’d missed having a firm young cock, masturbating and dreaming as she’d watched the MILF videos. She’d never dreamed it would happen to her again as she’d played with her toys, cumming night after night.

Diving down deeper she felt him in her throat, and he gasped, fingers gripping her hair tighter and when she pulled back off she heard him swear.

“Fuck Mrs Patterson, no one has  ever taken me right the way in.”

She stood, telling him to lay on the bed and watch as she slowly undressed. She’d imagined this as she’d put on the stocking, garters and the lingerie this morning, getting excited then, but never did she dare to think it would be for her young neighbour.

As she stripped he watched, occasionally stroking, her sex twitching, aching at the thought of it filling her, pleasuring her.

“Stay there Davey” Angela instructed as he tried to roll over. She knew what she wanted, and as she climbed on and lowered herself down she gasped as he spread her.

Leaning forward she kissed him, every part of her sex filled with his size.

“Do you like Mrs Patterson’s new treat Davey?” Angela stroked his face as she moved up and down, pumping the full length.

“Mmmmmm yes” he moaned, “so good.” 

Angela smiled, guessing he’d never been so enthusiastically fucked in his life. Placing her hands on his chest she pushed back, sitting upright, gripping him tight. She wanted this to last as long as possible.

One thing she knew, it was not going to wait another year for him, even if she travelled to visit.

She doubted he’d argue with that.

Simon’s Treat

“Trick or treat Mister.” Simon had just opened the door to another little ghost or monster and had dutifully dished out the last of his candy. Perfect timing, it was time for him to leave to do the evening shift at the bar he worked at.

He was walking to get his keys when there was another knock. He almost chose to ignore it but decided to break the bad news to the latest monster.

“I’m sorry, I’m all out of candy” he said as he opened the door, then smiled when he saw it was his new neighbour. Marilyn? Marion? He’d met her on the street a couple of times.

“Oh, that’s a shame Simon” she smiled. Marilyn, he remembered.

“I’m sorry Marilyn. Is everything okay?”

“I think my car battery is flat, I’m wondering if you could help start it. I’m going to a party at a friends house.”

Simon explained that he didn’t have the leads to do that and was heading to work.

“Where’s the party?”

Marilyn told him and he smiled.

“That’s on my way. I can give you a lift if you like.”

“That would be lovely, thank you young man. I can always get a taxi home if I can’t get a ride.”

Simon grabbed his keys, locked the door and walked her to his car. At the door he’d assumed she’d been standing on the step but as she steadied herself on his arm he realised the added height came from the heels of her boots.

Holding the car door open for her he was rewarded with a smile, framed by her white hair cut so it curved around her face.

He’d guessed her age to be around sixty, double his. The two talks they’d shared once she moved in six weeks ago had been short but he learned her husband had died and she’d moved back to be nearer some old friends.

“Is it a Halloween party?” 

“Sort of” she smiled, crossing her legs and he saw that under the long coat the heels belonged to some high boots. “It’s also a little welcome back for me.”

“I don’t know how late the party is going but I work till one. I can pick you up on the way home.”

“That’s so kind” her petite hand rested on his arm. She seemed to think for a moment before adding, “it might go a bit later, it depends. You’re welcome to call in if you like.”

“I might look out of place in my work clothes.” Simon was wearing his black shirt and pants for the bar.

“Oh no, Black is a very popular amongst my friends. You’ll fit right in.”

They talked about his work and he explained he did the bar twice a week as well as his day job. He told her it paid his mortgage.

“I plan to own the house by the time I’m thirty two” he said proudly.

“What does your girlfriend think?” 

“I don’t have one” he replied.

“Boyfriend?” Marilyn asked.

“No” Simon laughed, “although you’re not the first to ask. I just haven’t met someone yet who I feel comfortable with.”

She directed him to the house. It was in a gated estate and a security guard let them through, Marilyn telling them that Simon would be back at one to pick her up.

The house was lit up and Simon waited for two cars to be taken away by valets before he was able to stop at the door. The couples he saw enter were different, one of them both of similar age to Marilyn and the other a man of around Simons age escorting a middle aged lady in a black coat.

Marilyn waited in the seat and Simon realised she was waiting for him to act. He quickly exited the car and went around and opened her door.

“Good boy” she praised him. “Please walk me to the door.” She took his arm and as they approached the door it opened and a tall redhead in a red leather jumpsuit threw her arms open wide.

“Marilyn, welcome back!”

Marilyn let go of Simons arm just before she was wrapped in the hug. Simon waited until the  two had finished and was about to leave when a firm hand held him back.

“Who is you’re delicious young friend Marilyn, did you bring me a gift?”

“Simon, this gorgeous rather forward Lady is our Hostess, Veronica.”

“Pleased to meet you Ma’am. You have a lovely house.”

“Thank you Simon. It has lots of special features.” Her voice was husky and her full lips curled in a smile.

Marilyn explained why Simon was there, and that he would be coming back after work.

“Maybe I can give you a tour then young man.”

Simon heard the two ladies laughing as he returned to the car. He had the feeling work was going to drag tonight.


Simon had been late getting away from the bar. It seemed like all the crazies were out for Halloween and it was nearer two than one when he arrived at Veronica’s. Not that it seemed to matter, the party still seemed to be in full swing.

Before taking Simons car away the valet took him to the door and opened it, allowing him inside. There was about a dozen people spread around the room but no sign of Marilyn. Unsure what to do he was considering leaving when Veronica appeared suddenly and advanced upon him.

“Mmmm hello Simon darling, I thought you may have changed your mind.” Her jumpsuit was undone at the from, displaying most of her large bosom and freshly applied perfume enveloped him as he was wrapped in her hug.

“Is Marilyn still here?”

“.Oh yes baby, she’s not going anywhere too soon.” She grabbed hold of his arm. “Come with me, We’ll look for her as I show you the house.”

As he walked deeper into the front room Simon recognised the older man he’d seen arrive but the lady on knees before him was definitely younger than the one he’d arrived with.

“Another wonderful party Veronica” the man said as they walked past.

“Thank you Judge” she replied, then turned to Simon, “I think I know where his wife is.”

Veronica paused at a door and opened it slightly, peeking in. Simon could hear moans coming from inside and Veronica manoeuvred  him in from of her.

He’d never seen anything like it in real life, maybe in a movie. The young man he’d seen arrive was behind the judges wife, something animal like about the way he was thrusting into her. The moans were coming from his mature partner who was at the end of the bed, the judges wife face buried deep in her sex.

He felt Veronica press in tight against him, her lips against his ear as her arm moved around, drawing him back against her ample breasts.

“Martin is such a fine young man, very popular at my parties. Sally has done well.”

Simon jumped a little as Veronica’s hand slid down his from and pressed against his growing excitement. His gasp caught Sally’s attention and she looked to the door, her smile sending chills through him.

“She smells fresh blood” Veronica whispered as she began to rub him, “but she will have to wait. Someone else is ready for you.” She closed the door and led him to the end of the passage. As the door opened he saw the room was filled with a red glow.

As his eyes adjusted he saw a figure tied face first to a cross and he recognised it was Marilyn by her hair.

“We were having a little play when the security man called to say you were here” Veronica explained as she began to remove his shirt, pausing to kiss him. “She brought you to us so she gets you first” his pants fell away freeing his erection, her long fingers wrapped around it, pulling him to the cross. “She’s ready for you.”

“Marilyn?” Simon asked softly.

“Fuck me Simon, please” her soft voice pleaded.

“You heard her pet, fuck her” Veronica let go of him and spread Marilyn’s legs a little wider.

As if in a trance he obeyed, his cock the hardest he could remember as he slid in. He heard a zip behind him then felt Veronica’s bare breasts pushing in behind him, put her own weight behind each of his thrusts, Marilyn’s moans getting louder as she forced Simon in deeper and deeper.

“She waited for you” Veronica told him as her nails found his nipples, “I had Martin ready for her but she waited.”

He felt Marilyn start to shake on him, her moans coming louder , pressing back until with a scream she released, her fluid flooding over his cock.

Unsure what had happened he stopped. Veronica stepped back, then saw what had happened.

“It’s okay pet, she squirted, it means you were good.” She quickly undid Marilyn’s bindings and she fell to her knees, regaining her breath then grabbing Simons cock.

“Mmmmm yesss” Simon moaned as his neighbour draw him in between her lips, her face tilted slightly and eyes seeking approval.

“Grip her hair Simon, fuck her face.”

Simon looked down and Marilyn attempted to nod. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and began thrusting deep, pausing when she gagged, but resuming as Veronica urged him on.

“Keep going pet, she needs you, feed her” Veronica’s voice growled, her hand sliding between his legs, nails teasing his arse before stroking, grasping his balls.

Suddenly her long finger slid inside Simon, the sensation driving him past the edge and he exploded deep in Marilyn’s mouth. Trying to pull back, he couldn’t, 

pressed between the two, Marilyn’s lips clamped on him as Veronica’s finger helped drain his seed.

Simon’s legs were shaking and Veronica held him tight. He moaned as she withdrew her finger, allowing her to turn and kiss him. He could tell she was excited , her breathing fast.

He saw her push a button and Sally came through the door and helped Marilyn to her feet.

“Should I take her home now?” Simon asked. Veronica and Sally laughed.

“I’ll look after her Simon, the night is just beginning” Sally replied as she led Marilyn from the room. 

As the door closed Veronica kissed him again, deep, their tongues duelling, drawing Simons breathe from him. He felt her arms release him, moving to his shoulders and her strength began pushing him down to his knees.

“Time for your treat baby” her finger pushed through his lips and he instinctively sucked, “good boy” she moaned deeply. “Let’s see what you just learned.”

Her finger left his mouth while her other hand rested on his head. He watched, mesmerised as she began to lower the zip on the leather suit even more.

“Ohhh” Simons mouth opened in surprise as a fully erect eight inches swung into view, unable to say anymore as Veronica pushed it through his open lips. He rolled his tongue around the silky softness trying to make space to breathe, hearing Veronica’s moans.

Suddenly it was withdrawn and he looked up through her breasts at her smiling face.

“Trick or treat my pet?” 

Simon looked at the firm cock in front of his face, imagining himself on the cross as Marilyn had been. His own cock began to grow hard again. He’d never felt like this before.

“Treat Mistress” he replied before lowering his mouth onto her once again.

Easter tale

I remember when the Gibson’s moved in next door, I must have been about eight. They weren’t that old but when you’re little anything over twenty is old.
I can remember hearing mum say they were newly weds and it would be nice to have little kids in the neighbourhood.

To me Mrs Gibson was the most beautiful lady in the world, even at eight, but this might have been influenced by the special treats she made at Christmas and the Easter egg hunt she used to organise every year. Being the oldest of five I was the first to learn the truth about Santa and the bunny so she would conscript my help.

I’m sure I was her favourite, and it took the pressure off Mum her going all this.

I was wondering when her own kids were going to start arriving and when I was twelve I asked her. She started crying and I didn’t know whether to run away or hug her. Surprisingly I did the latter and as she calmed down she explained that she and Mister Gibson were unable to have children.

It hurt me to see my beautiful Mrs Gibson so sad and I told her she was like a second mother to me.

“Oh Danny, that’s so sweet” she’d hugged me tight and it felt so good.

Growing older I stopped going over as much when football and girls came into the scene but we’d always stop and talk when we did see each other. She still had her lovely blonde hair but looked tired when we spoke just before I left for college.

“Are you okay Mrs G?” I’d asked and had received a smile.

“I’ll be fine Danny, and please, you’re eighteen now, call me Dawn.”

“Ok Dawn, look after yourself, I’ll see you when I come home at Christmas.”

“Make sure you do” she’d hugged me and this time it was still nice but felt a lot different than when I was twelve.

Christmas I’d seen her briefly but mum had warned me things weren’t too good in the Gibson house. Dawns parents were there trying to help and the one time we’d got a chance to talk she wasn’t alone. She looked even more tired and I could see the stress was taking its toll.

Just after New Years Mum messaged me that Mister Gibson had moved out. I wasn’t totally shocked but was worried. I had Dawns number but was hesitant to call so sent a text asking how she was.

She replied, telling me she would be ok, that she would call me when she felt up to talking.

The next couple of weeks I heard nothing and as Valentine’s Day approached I decided to do something nice, hoping it didn’t upset her. I gave up a night out and used the money to send some roses, thanking her for being so nice and telling her I’d be thinking of her.

I was surprised later in the day when a picture arrived of her holding the roses, hair glowing, red lips smiling.

“Thank you Danny xxx your valentine”

Two days later she called me and we talked for two hours. She said my roses had made her get dressed up for the first time in weeks to take the picture. I can’t even remember what else we talked about, although she was pleased her husband had left. The last couple of years things had been bad.

We started talking or messaging every few days and so she made an effort I made her send a picture every week of herself looking nice. I’m sure she took it as a challenge and I noticed each weeks picture got a little bit sexier.

I was planning on coming home for Easter and when I told her she got excited.

“I could sure do with a Danny hug”

I thought of how she’d looked in her last picture, a little red dress barely covering everything and joked that if she wore that dress it would be a super hug indeed. The next picture she sent was the same dress but showing even a little more cleavage.

“I’m ready” was all the message said.

The next week I arrived home for Easter and the first thing I noticed was Dawns lawns needed mowing. When I commented to mum she told me that my little brother had offered but that Mrs Gibson had said she’d wait till you got home.

“She went through a real bad patch just after he left” she confided, “but the last few weeks she looks a lot better.”

I sent a a quick message to see if she was home and got an instant reply, saying she was and had been waiting to hear from me since she’d seen me arrive.

I messaged back I’d be there in an hour and caught up with my other siblings, then excused myself to go and check on next doors lawns.

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a nervous tingling let me know what I hoped.

The door opened as soon as I knocked, and I couldn’t see anyone but instantly freshly applied perfume teased my nose. I stepped in and the door shut, there she was.

Blonde hair, big smile, and that red dress. I just stared.

“Danny? Are you ok? Oh god, I’ve made a fool of….”

I didn’t let her finish, stepping in and taking her in my arms, silencing her with my lips.

“You look so beautiful” I said when we broke apart.

“.Oh Danny, you say the nicest things” she stepped in and hugged me again, but this hug was the most memorable, her body pressed tight against mine, lips finding mine.

We kissed our way to her bedroom and by the time she pushed me back on the bed her dress and my shirt was gone and she knelt down to pull off my trousers.

“Mmmmm just what I wanted to see” she giggled as my already hard cock sprung free, “I’ve dreamed of this baby.”

“Oh god” I gasped as she pressed her mouth over me, this had been my dreams too, and I moved again as she took me in deep. I’d never felt anything like this and she pulled back, gripping my balls, smiling.

“Move up the bed, quick” she ordered and I slid up, watching as she climbed on top of me, lowering herself down. “Let me.” With that she leans forward, her breasts pushing into me as we kissed, riding me hard, plunging down on me until I couldn’t hold any longer.

“Yessss Dawn, I’m cumming” I warned her, waiting for her to dismount but instead she pressed herself down harder, locking me in until I exploded inside her, working me as she took every last drop then dropped onto my chest, kissing me.

“This is going to be the best Easter” she whispered.

Beauty’s Beast

She enjoyed walking home from work, the small patch of forest on the edge of town always helped her unwind. The silence would be broken only by the sound of birds and the odd bit of wildlife scampering through the undergrowth.

She wasn’t sure when she first spotted him, or maybe it was a noise she heard out of the ordinary. A large dog, or even maybe a wolf, always off in the distance. She knew she should have been scared but it kept its distance, never adopting a threatening look and found herself looking out for it each day.

One evening, after a particularly long hard day at work she found herself walking home in the dark. She’d never taken the short cut through the forest before but tonight she was meant to be going out on a first date and wanted to make sure she was ready in time.

She’d walked the past so many times that she was able to make her way easily in the half dark. The silence was eerie, the birds silent and she quickened her pace, anxious to reach the clearing.

Almost there she turned the last corner when suddenly her path was blocked by a large figure. Before she could react strong arms grabbed her and she struggled in vain to break free.

“Oh good” a rough threatening voice came from the man, “a feisty one, I like that.” His legs went behind hers as he pushed her to the ground then knelt on her chest as he undid his pants. “Be a good girl for me and you won’t get hurt.”

She screamed and he slapped her face, then smothered her mouth with his large rough hand.

“I’ll make you scream slut” he lay on her and with his free hand he reached under her dress and pulled at her panties, ripping them down her kicking legs. Once he had them off he leaned back and she could feel his rigid cock searching for her sex when she heard a wild growl and her attacker was sent flying.

Climbing to her feet she ran for the edge, hearing behind her a lot of growling and cries of pain as her attacker became the victim of the wolf’s fury.

Once safe inside her house she collapsed on the floor, her body shaking as she realised how close she’d come to maybe being raped and maybe killed. As her breathing returned to normal she phoned her date, apologising for the late notice, promising to ring him tomorrow.

Putting her phone back in her bag she cursed, suddenly realising her purse was missing. Her stomach turned as she thought her attacker might have it and know where she lived.

Grabbing her phone again she was about to dial the police when she heard a scratching at the door. Terrified, she ran to the window, dialing as she went, then hanging up when she saw the wolf limping away from her door. Quickly she moved over, and opening it saw her purse on the mat.

The wolf heard the noise and stopped, turning and looking at her before continuing to limp away.

“Wait” she called out, and without thinking ran down the path, stopping and kneeling beside him. “Did he do this to you?”

The paw lifted and she took the leg, examining it carefully as the large beast leaned against her.

“You were so brave” she told him, stroking his head, “ come and let me fix your leg.”

Turning, she beckoned him to follow and she walked slowly with him back to the house. Tending to his wound took her mind off what had happened earlier and she felt safe with the large animal there.

Tying a bandage over the wound she smiled as he settled down on the floor.

“Rest here while I shower boy” she told him, “ then we’ll see how you are.”

The shower was just what she needed and she shuddered as she washed her sex, remembering her attackers hard cock probing. She hoped he’d been totally scared off by her saviour.

Stepping from the shower she was startled to see the wolf at the door, staring at her nakedness.

“I need a strong man like you” she told him, “I’d never be scared then.”

Putting on a robe she walked to the front door, opening it to let him out, but instead he just looks at her and went back to the laundry and lay down again.

“Ok then, but you’ll have to go in the morning.”

A wave of tiredness overcame her, and forgoing dinner she headed to bed.


She was walking through the forest but it wasn’t dark. The birds were singing but she could understand what they were saying.

Beside her walked the wolf and she moved through the undergrowth with him and nothing touched her.

She was in a part of the forest she’d never been, standing looking at a cabin. The wolf paused, his look willing her to stop, and he moved forward on his own, entering the cabin.

As she waited she looked around, realising she’d seen this place before, in other dreams over the last few months.

It was time.

She somehow knew that and she slowly advanced towards the door.

“Welcome home” the voice startled her, and she turned to leave but couldn’t move. “.Please, don’t go” a young man stepped to the door, his hair long, piercing eyes and as her eyes ran over him she saw the bandage on his arm.

He reached out his hand and she stepped forward and took it, unable to resist, pulling her in against him, their lips touching gently before coming together again in a long deep kiss.

“Come my darling” he led her to the bed, both naked. She was sure she’d been wearing clothes. Where had they gone?

The bed dominated the room and he lay her down, lips travelling down her body, kissing caressing each hardened nipple. Moaning, her eyes opened for a moment and she saw smaller, female wolves watching at the door.

She felt the lips leave her breasts, arriving at her tender clit, teasing and playing, exploring, until she was ready to explode.

Suddenly her lover stopped, turning her over, urging her to her knees. She was facing the door, looking into the eyes of the pack as she felt him behind. His strong hands parted her cheeks and she cried out as he mounted her and thrust inside.

The females in the pack began to howl, as if urging him on, her own cries joining them as she stretched around his huge thrusting cock, waves of pleasure mixing with the pain until his seed exploded inside her.


Her alarm went off, she didn’t want to wake. Face down on her bed, sheets tossed to one side, she felt different.

She was naked. She never slept naked. She remembered her dream and smiled as she reached down to her tender clit.

The wolf, she remembered, I better let him out. Climbing out of bed she went straight to the laundry. The back door was open and he was gone.

Was the whole thing a dream? she wondered.

Putting the radio on she listened to the news.

A man, identified as an escapee from jail, had been found mauled by what he told investigators was a wolf, although authorities doubted there were any in the local forest.


Night N Day


She knew she had him hooked
By the way he always looked
When she wore the boots to work he always paused

Would tease him every day
Then send him on his way
Smile at the bulge she knew she caused

She lived all alone
One day on the phone
She called him said her car wouldn’t start

He came through her open door
She pointed to the floor
Was waiting for him with her legs apart

Dropped to his knees straight away
Dreamt for ages of this day
She smiled at the speed that he obeyed

“If you want to be my bitch
Come closer ease my itch”
And for the next hour that is where he stayed

For the rest of the day
She introduced him to her play
He responded to the pleasure and the pain

Sensations produced
As new toys she introduced
Their relationship at work never the same

Mark D Davis  ©2017

The Power of the Princess


“Come sit
Don’t be shy”
She patted by her side
He sat
Hands on lap
Nerves were hard to hide
“Your cute
I won’t bite”
Beguiled by her smile
Covered his hand
With hers
“Why don’t you stay a while”

He was unaware
Of the Princess reputation
Otherwise he would have run
From this precarious situation
Although she always looked
So innocent and calm
Once lured to her chambers
Her toys could do great harm

In her mind she could see
Him chained to the wall
The flogger in her hand
She was powerful but small
All the while
Getting wetter from his begs
He’d pay for the time
He spent between her legs

Mark D Davis ©2017

The Turn of Fate


The scent of blood
The nostrils flares
Who is this one who dared
The forest dark
Paths to walk
Why are they not scared?

He waited
For his prey to pass
Then knife raised in the air
Moved quickly
Stepped behind the girl
Grabbed her by the hair

“You’re mine to take”
He hissed to her
Her clothes he went to rip
She spun around
Her legs swung out
He fell hard with the trip

“Your wrong my friend”
Her eyes glowed red
“You’ve made a big mistake”
He screamed
As her fangs appeared
“You are mine to take”

With super strength
She held him
Robbed him of his seed
They found him
With his throat in shreds
No blood left to bleed

Mark D Davis ©2017

My Masters Will


She ached
No doubt
No mistake
She did not do as she was told
Let punishment

Each strike
Just, how Master likes
Each jolt beautiful pain
She braces
Again and again

On the brink
No time to think
Begging for release
On her knees
Master please

She knows
One thing above
She won’t betray
Masters love

Mark D Davis ©2017

Her Bosses Desires


Invited to her bosses house
Dressed in her Sunday best
Knew not to be late
Was sure it was a test
Chose her outfit carefully
Smart but not too sweet
Got the right reaction
“You look good enough to eat”

“Come with me young lady
Bring along your drink
I’ll show you through my house
You can tell me what you think”
Amazed at the pretty ladies
That were wandering the halls
Recognised their faces
In the pictures on the walls

The pictures showed them naked
Kneeling on the floor
Or tied to the bed posts
Almost hear them beg for more
The boss took her hand
As through a large door she was led
She gave no resistance
As they tied her to the bed

Stripped off her clothes
Inhibitions fell away
Begged like the others
As her boss began to play
And when she’d finished
She gave her new toys
To the girls of her harem
For them to enjoy

Mark D Davis ©2017