His hand slipped in her panties
Finger sliding in
“Someone’s been having naughty thoughts”
He whispered with a grin
Through the satin top
Her breast cupped in his palm
Pulled back against his hardness
Her breathe no longer calm
Removed his finger slowly
To her lips have her a taste
Turned in his arms and kissed him
Wrapped legs around his waist
Arms around his neck
A need shine in her eyes
“All day my love I’ve thought of you
Locked between my thighs”
Tongues dancing in a deep kiss
He carried his new bride
Lay her down, removed her panties
Then still kissing slid inside
Legs still locked around him
She met each eager thrust
Sounds of the wedding breakfast
Now replaced by sounds of lust
And with their first orgasm
Together, man and wife
The perfect way to celebrate
The start of their new life

In a joint collaboration of “TENDER TOUCH ” please view Malias version here http://liamaz2.wordpress.com/

join me in reading this visual mistress of poetry one of the most talented lady / authors / Poets I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Truly amazing with her words & visual photographs of the erotic nature.

Also join her on Twitter @88Mimiof2

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