All day long she’d been a tease The young doctor she tried to please Undone a button, shown some breast Had seen his eyes rest on her chest Passed him things, touched his arm Used all of her mature charm His constant blushes let her know That he enjoyed her little show Saw him adjust himself by hand All was going as she planned Last patient gone, called him in “Could you help me?” wicked grin She leaned across the table there Her dress rode up, her pussy bare “I have an itch that needs a scratch Think your young cocks a perfect match” He hesitates, she turns around In a flash his pants are downed His hard cock gives his thoughts away “Mmm my doctor wants to play” She kisses him, tongue forces in Her hand his cock grows hard within Leans back on table, raises legs “Please fuck me NOW” his hot nurse begs He enters her, eyes afire Can no longer hide his desire His thick cock fills her, makes her scream Now more than just a hot daydream She wraps her legs around his waist Bed shakes with their erotic haste With his long thrusts he makes her pay For flirting,messing him all day Her head thrown back, she feels him tense Brings alive her very sense Till with a burst his cock erupts She loves the way her mind corrupts Holds him in, grips him tight They come as one,an awesome sight

Servicing The Lady Boss


He woke to her aroma
Fingers on his face
Blindfolded he remembered
How she lured him to this place
“Come up for a nightcap”
She had seemed so sweet
The next thing that he knew
Waking tied up to the seat

Though they worked together
He’d tried to keep it straight
She’d pestered him to take her out
“I’m your boss we cannot date”
But tonight after a meeting
She’d finally got her way
“I saved your butt in their
So tonight I think you pay”

She behaved herself through dinner
Kept the chat all nice
Even pulled away
When his foot had touched hers twice
Asked for a lift home
“Don’t feel safe on the late trains”
Offered him a nightcap
He should have used his brains

Now here he was
Tied down to the chair
She stripped off before him
Ran fingers through his hair
Left the blind fold on
As she got down on one knee
Pulled down his hands
Set his manhood free

She handled the softness
Stroked it in her hand
He felt her warm breath
As her tongue caressed the gland
Try as he might
Let her get beneath his guard
Heard her triumphant giggle
As his began to get hard

By the time she was finished
He was begging for release
She took away her mouth
Sat astride his knees
Lowered herself down
Her heat caused him to groan
“I have dreamed off this moment
Many nights here alone”

Leaning forward
Nibbled on his ear
Bounced up and down
Till their orgasms near
Then just as he came
Ripped the blindfold aside
Joined in his pleasure
As he erupted inside

“Do I need to leave you
Tired and restrained
Will you behave?
Do you need to be trained?”
He leaned forward
Kissed her nipple tips
“That’s the answer I wanted”
Kissed him hard on the lips