Beauty’s Beast

She enjoyed walking home from work, the small patch of forest on the edge of town always helped her unwind. The silence would be broken only by the sound of birds and the odd bit of wildlife scampering through the undergrowth.

She wasn’t sure when she first spotted him, or maybe it was a noise she heard out of the ordinary. A large dog, or even maybe a wolf, always off in the distance. She knew she should have been scared but it kept its distance, never adopting a threatening look and found herself looking out for it each day.

One evening, after a particularly long hard day at work she found herself walking home in the dark. She’d never taken the short cut through the forest before but tonight she was meant to be going out on a first date and wanted to make sure she was ready in time.

She’d walked the past so many times that she was able to make her way easily in the half dark. The silence was eerie, the birds silent and she quickened her pace, anxious to reach the clearing.

Almost there she turned the last corner when suddenly her path was blocked by a large figure. Before she could react strong arms grabbed her and she struggled in vain to break free.

“Oh good” a rough threatening voice came from the man, “a feisty one, I like that.” His legs went behind hers as he pushed her to the ground then knelt on her chest as he undid his pants. “Be a good girl for me and you won’t get hurt.”

She screamed and he slapped her face, then smothered her mouth with his large rough hand.

“I’ll make you scream slut” he lay on her and with his free hand he reached under her dress and pulled at her panties, ripping them down her kicking legs. Once he had them off he leaned back and she could feel his rigid cock searching for her sex when she heard a wild growl and her attacker was sent flying.

Climbing to her feet she ran for the edge, hearing behind her a lot of growling and cries of pain as her attacker became the victim of the wolf’s fury.

Once safe inside her house she collapsed on the floor, her body shaking as she realised how close she’d come to maybe being raped and maybe killed. As her breathing returned to normal she phoned her date, apologising for the late notice, promising to ring him tomorrow.

Putting her phone back in her bag she cursed, suddenly realising her purse was missing. Her stomach turned as she thought her attacker might have it and know where she lived.

Grabbing her phone again she was about to dial the police when she heard a scratching at the door. Terrified, she ran to the window, dialing as she went, then hanging up when she saw the wolf limping away from her door. Quickly she moved over, and opening it saw her purse on the mat.

The wolf heard the noise and stopped, turning and looking at her before continuing to limp away.

“Wait” she called out, and without thinking ran down the path, stopping and kneeling beside him. “Did he do this to you?”

The paw lifted and she took the leg, examining it carefully as the large beast leaned against her.

“You were so brave” she told him, stroking his head, “ come and let me fix your leg.”

Turning, she beckoned him to follow and she walked slowly with him back to the house. Tending to his wound took her mind off what had happened earlier and she felt safe with the large animal there.

Tying a bandage over the wound she smiled as he settled down on the floor.

“Rest here while I shower boy” she told him, “ then we’ll see how you are.”

The shower was just what she needed and she shuddered as she washed her sex, remembering her attackers hard cock probing. She hoped he’d been totally scared off by her saviour.

Stepping from the shower she was startled to see the wolf at the door, staring at her nakedness.

“I need a strong man like you” she told him, “I’d never be scared then.”

Putting on a robe she walked to the front door, opening it to let him out, but instead he just looks at her and went back to the laundry and lay down again.

“Ok then, but you’ll have to go in the morning.”

A wave of tiredness overcame her, and forgoing dinner she headed to bed.


She was walking through the forest but it wasn’t dark. The birds were singing but she could understand what they were saying.

Beside her walked the wolf and she moved through the undergrowth with him and nothing touched her.

She was in a part of the forest she’d never been, standing looking at a cabin. The wolf paused, his look willing her to stop, and he moved forward on his own, entering the cabin.

As she waited she looked around, realising she’d seen this place before, in other dreams over the last few months.

It was time.

She somehow knew that and she slowly advanced towards the door.

“Welcome home” the voice startled her, and she turned to leave but couldn’t move. “.Please, don’t go” a young man stepped to the door, his hair long, piercing eyes and as her eyes ran over him she saw the bandage on his arm.

He reached out his hand and she stepped forward and took it, unable to resist, pulling her in against him, their lips touching gently before coming together again in a long deep kiss.

“Come my darling” he led her to the bed, both naked. She was sure she’d been wearing clothes. Where had they gone?

The bed dominated the room and he lay her down, lips travelling down her body, kissing caressing each hardened nipple. Moaning, her eyes opened for a moment and she saw smaller, female wolves watching at the door.

She felt the lips leave her breasts, arriving at her tender clit, teasing and playing, exploring, until she was ready to explode.

Suddenly her lover stopped, turning her over, urging her to her knees. She was facing the door, looking into the eyes of the pack as she felt him behind. His strong hands parted her cheeks and she cried out as he mounted her and thrust inside.

The females in the pack began to howl, as if urging him on, her own cries joining them as she stretched around his huge thrusting cock, waves of pleasure mixing with the pain until his seed exploded inside her.


Her alarm went off, she didn’t want to wake. Face down on her bed, sheets tossed to one side, she felt different.

She was naked. She never slept naked. She remembered her dream and smiled as she reached down to her tender clit.

The wolf, she remembered, I better let him out. Climbing out of bed she went straight to the laundry. The back door was open and he was gone.

Was the whole thing a dream? she wondered.

Putting the radio on she listened to the news.

A man, identified as an escapee from jail, had been found mauled by what he told investigators was a wolf, although authorities doubted there were any in the local forest.


My Masters Will


She ached
No doubt
No mistake
She did not do as she was told
Let punishment

Each strike
Just, how Master likes
Each jolt beautiful pain
She braces
Again and again

On the brink
No time to think
Begging for release
On her knees
Master please

She knows
One thing above
She won’t betray
Masters love

Mark D Davis ©2017

Her Bosses Desires


Invited to her bosses house
Dressed in her Sunday best
Knew not to be late
Was sure it was a test
Chose her outfit carefully
Smart but not too sweet
Got the right reaction
“You look good enough to eat”

“Come with me young lady
Bring along your drink
I’ll show you through my house
You can tell me what you think”
Amazed at the pretty ladies
That were wandering the halls
Recognised their faces
In the pictures on the walls

The pictures showed them naked
Kneeling on the floor
Or tied to the bed posts
Almost hear them beg for more
The boss took her hand
As through a large door she was led
She gave no resistance
As they tied her to the bed

Stripped off her clothes
Inhibitions fell away
Begged like the others
As her boss began to play
And when she’d finished
She gave her new toys
To the girls of her harem
For them to enjoy

Mark D Davis ©2017

Madames Task

Francine was finding it hard to concentrate, here eyes constantly darting to the clock on her wall. Normally she was fully focused on her work, Madame at the city’s most exclusive brothel wasn’t an easy job.

At exactly eleven o’clock there was a light tap on the door.

“Come in” Francine’s voice was firm and her PA Bella slipped through the door.

“Mister Ryan is here for his monthly meeting Ma’am” Bella stood back from her bosses desk. Francine knew they were all a little scared of her, but all the girls respected her. “Hard but fair” was how they described her.

Bella was totally devoted to her, having come to the establishment desperate for a job. It soon became clear that she wasn’t suited to the sex work but Francine had found herself unwilling to turn the pretty young girl back out on the street and taken it upon herself to train her.

Bella had been a natural at organising Francine’s busy schedule as well as a very adept masseuse and lover when some extra special “organising” was needed.

“Thank you Bella” Francine smiled, then added, “you look beautiful today.”

“Thank you Ma’am” Bella bowed slightly.

“I will need you to stay late tonight, Davis will drive us to my apartment at six. I have already informed wardrobe what to have ready for you.”

“Yes ma’am.” Francine loved role play and already she could picture young Bella in the nurses outfit she’d chosen.

But first things first, Mister Ryan was waiting. No one knew anything about their meetings but most guessed he was an accountant of sorts with his suit and briefcase, they wondered if their Madame was as demanding on him as she was them.

“Please ask Mister Ryan to give me a few minutes, and hold all my calls Bella until he has gone.”

Francine heard the door open then click shut, the bolt sliding across. His scent was unmistakable, the hole for her nose and mouth in the hood allowing it to tease her nostrils.

Kneeling naked on the floor her nipples tingled, as she felt him walk around her a couple of times, stopping once to use the toe of his shoe to spread her legs a little wider, checking her bare sex.

His footsteps moved away and she heard his brief case open before returning and standing in front of her.

“Arghhhhhh” she groaned involuntarily as simultaneously both nipples were clamped and then he urged her to her feet with the attached chain before placing the third clamp on her already aching clit.

“Have you something to say to me?” his tone demanding.

“Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl” he led her to her desk and leaned her back against it, “I have a present for you” and as he pushed her legs apart she felt a cold hard object inserted into her, moaning as it pressed against her sensual spot. “Now turn around” he ordered.

She heard him fiddle in his bag, her legs weakened as she anticipated the flogger she knew he carried.

“Oh god” the inserted object inside her began to vibrate hard and her legs nearly gave way.

“Oh I’m sorry” he laughed, “it must have been on high.” The vibrating decreased to a low hum, sending delicious sensations through her body. Francine was relaxing into it when the first strike of the flogger slapped against her bare arse.

“AHHHHHHHHHH” Francine cried out, the second swing on her bare back. Each movement of her body pulled on the clamps and she could feel herself dripping as the pain teased her whole body.

Between each swing he slowly upped the vibration, searching for her limits, aware that she wouldn’t cum until he’d told her too, waiting for her to beg.

“I wonder how long that pretty little Bella would last” he taunted her, the tendrils of the flogger wrapping around, pulling at the chain near her breasts, “would you like to see that pet?”

“Please Sir” Francine begged.

“Please what my little pain slut, please let you watch? Or please let you cum?”

“Oh please , let me cum” she begged and he turned the vibrator full on.

“I’m sure she would last much longer, after lots of training” he kept teasing her, then leaned in close, ” are you ready pet?”

“Yessssss’ please, sir, yessssss” and as he pulled the clamps away he ordered “NOW” the jolt of pain sending her over the edge, her body wracked by orgasmic tremors.

As she lay there panting the vibrations stopped and he withdrew the object. A single click signalled the closing of the case then footsteps and the unlocking of the door.

As it clicked closed Francine steadied herself then reaching up to removed the hood. She’d not been expecting the vibration balls and could still feel the aftermath.
He was getting very inventive she thought, an added bonus. That and the thousand dollars she knew would be in her account before day’s end.

She hadn’t retired completely.

His mention of Bella also set her mind alight and she reached for the phone.

“Here fast Bella, I have need of you” she ordered then sat back in her chair, legs spread, awaiting her eager young PA.

The Master I Missed


Spread open wide
She felt his fingers deep inside
Another finger
Then his fist
Her Master she had missed

Tight on her breast
He gave the chain a simple test
Into her sub space
Saw the smile on his face

To respond to him
Obey his erotic whim
So it would seem
To fulfil Masters dream

Till her sex numb
Begging him to let her cum

Mark D Davis 2017

The Online Sub


Each day, she’d message Him
He’d answer when it was his whim
Her toys spread out on the bed
To do the things He said

Sometimes He might ask
Or set her a simple task
Get her so wet between her legs
Then laugh away her begs

Other times He might call
Make her to her knees fall
His voice made it all so real
Swear His cock she could feel

Addicted, to His sound
Instructed, her sex shed pound
Until, “oh Master please!”
Permission to release

Before He let her go
Before she lost that glow
“I’m Yours” He would have her say
And promise not to stray

Little Kitty


Little kitty
At my feet
A short tug on your lead
Little kitty
Lick your lips
It’s time for you to feed
Little kitty
Gentle licks
I reach down stroke your hair
Little kitty
Cream awaits
I firmly hold you there

Little kitty
Now well fed
Swallowed every bit
Little kitty
On your back
Let Master stroke your clit
Little kitty
Open wide
Spread out on the floor
Little kitty
Let me change
Your purr into a roar

Masters Choice


Mark Davis and Sharon Johnson

Master and Sub…

Hair up
As expected
To be inspected
Lace covered
Nipples tight
Prayed it would be right

I hear his voice
Master’s choice
He looks at me
I know he’s pleased
I chose right
For our night
Of play…

Hard to hide
Balls buried
Deep inside
Held by Him
Would vibrate
At his whim

Desire high
Can’t be denied
Tied and bound
The only sound
Him saying my name
As I do the same
Screaming in ecstasy…

He was there
She moaned
Held his stare
He reached out
Soft touch teased
“My girl
I am pleased”

Feeling sated
Master Elated
Then his tender kiss
Upon my lips
Smiles at him
Sub and Master win


The Switch


He wondered today
What switch inside her head
Would it be the Goddess
Or someone to be lead
Would she sit upon her throne
Awaiting him to please
Or wait inside the door for him
Compliant on her knees

Initially surprised him
The first time of the change
So many fears to conquer
Thoughts to rearrange
That voice that sounded firm
So willing now to serve
Looking up and pleasing
“Please give what I deserve”

So right
So wrong
Which world do they belong