Night N Day


She knew she had him hooked
By the way he always looked
When she wore the boots to work he always paused

Would tease him every day
Then send him on his way
Smile at the bulge she knew she caused

She lived all alone
One day on the phone
She called him said her car wouldn’t start

He came through her open door
She pointed to the floor
Was waiting for him with her legs apart

Dropped to his knees straight away
Dreamt for ages of this day
She smiled at the speed that he obeyed

“If you want to be my bitch
Come closer ease my itch”
And for the next hour that is where he stayed

For the rest of the day
She introduced him to her play
He responded to the pleasure and the pain

Sensations produced
As new toys she introduced
Their relationship at work never the same

Mark D Davis  ©2017

Dominated My Way


Come closer if you dare
But beware
It’s not a costume that I wear
Not some image that I keep
My beliefs run deep

If you don’t believe
Then leave
I will not sit and grieve
But if you decide to stay
Then things are done My way

Prepare yourself to hurt for Me
Approach Me on bended knee
My needs your goal will be
Tormented by exquisite pain
Then beg to endure again

A Sirens Call


Gazing at the fire
He heard her call his name
Could not believe his eyes
As she grew out of the flame
Beckoned him towards her
“I know that which you yearn
Come dance with me tonight
A whole world you will learn”

Trancelike he stood
Eyes lit with desire
Stepped into her arms
This Goddess of the fire
No pain did he feel
As to embers he was drawn
Rewarded by her passion
As to her world he was reborn

The Goddess of Lust


The Goddess of Lust
She’d use to attract
Take control of their mind
Soft words oft repeated
Filled with thoughts of an impure kind
Like putty to her
She’d shape them
She was their primary need
Bring them to their knees
Some eager
To please
And upon their subservience feed

She could do no wrong
Offered them somewhere
Safe to belong
Not think twice
But Goddess
Would take the ultimate price

He’s New Mistress


He had the ultimatum
Was time to declare
He knew She waited
At the top of the stairs
If he claimed them tonight
The line he’d crossed
Accepted Her terms
Prepared for the cost

He took a breathe, closed his eyes
There was no real choice
Hands shaking he stripped
In his head heard her voice
Lifted a foot
Began to ascend
His new life beginning
His past at an end

She looked to the door
Watched him crawl through
Her look left no doubt
She now owned you

Mark D Davis 2016

Happy Thanksgiving My Boy

“Has the family waited for you for dinner David?” his co worker asked.
“No, they’ve all gone to my mother’s family for a few days, mom didn’t want to leave me alone but I insisted, it’s the only time she sees them.” His first year at the department store and he’d been rostered on to prepare for the sales and couldn’t say no.
“I know a young man like yourself probably has plans but would you like to come and have dinner with my husband and I, we always have too much food.”
David hadn’t been looking forward to spending the night on his own and he knew Dawn didn’t live far from his house.
“What about your family?”
“Oh, we did the family thing on the weekend, so it will be just us three” Dawn replied.
“That would be lovely then Dawn, as long as it’s ok with Brian.” At twenty David had only ever had one girlfriend and she’d gone away to college. He’d spent a lot of time fantasising about the older Dawn, who at thirty five and with her long dark hair had seemed the woman of his dreams.
“Oh, I know he won’t mind” she grabbed his arm and kissed his cheek. “This will be such fun, you know where I live so I’ll see you in an hour.”
She left him standing there, still feeling her lips on his cheek. She turned and saw him.
“Don’t be late.”
David went home and changed and an hour later was knocking on the front door of a large house with a metal sign next to the door that read Vegas. He had heard that Dawn’s husband was a hot shot lawyer and had wondered why Dawn worked at all.
The door opened and a man in his sixties looked at David.
“Good evening, you must be David, I’m Brian.”
He held out his hand and David shook it, then Brian stepped back.
“Please come in, Dawn is expecting you. Thank you so much for coming over.”
“I wasn’t looking forward to spending the evening alone” David admitted, “what’s with the Vegas sign? It looks good.
“One of Dawn’s friends gave it to us, you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” Brian smiled.
David was led through the large house, the lovely smell of dinner coming from the kitchen as they passed then into a large room. A full bar was in the kitchen and there must have been a dozen couches spread around the room.
“Would you like a Martini?” Brian asked. Before David could answer, Dawn entered the room, answering for him.
“The young man may prefer a beer Brian.”
David turned towards the voice and his jaw must have almost hit the ground. Dawn was wearing the shortest of black shirts with a sliver top that opened right down to her navel, her breasts barely hidden. Long black hair framed her gorgeous face and her bright red lips parted in a smile at his reaction.
“Welcome to Vegas David” she walked towards him, her six inch heels bringing her up to his six foot height. She pressed her lips against his and he felt the tip of her tongue, her perfume intoxicating.
David glanced over to Brian at Dawn’s display of affection and saw him smiling, as he put a martini and a beer on the bar.
“Go and finish dinner now dear” Dawn instructed him, “I’ll give our guest a little tour.”
Brian returned to the kitchen and Dawn took David’s hand, scraping his skin with her long nails.
“This is our party room. I know it’s very big when just the three of us here but when we have a party we sometimes run out of couches. At least some are big enough to share. Now bring your drink and I’ll show you the rest.”
The next room had a big square spa that could easily fit twenty.
“This normally frees up a couch or two as people love a good spa. You’ll have to come back one day” she squeezed his hand and smiled.
Her closeness and perfume was making David hard and he didn’t have a free hand to adjust himself. He wriggled a bit and Dawn looked down at him and smiled, David was sure she licked her lips.
She then led him to a cinema room that seated twenty.
“Wow, what a great party house, you must have some good times here” David exclaimed.
“Oh we do” smiled Dawn, “that’s why our friends call it Vegas, what happens here definitely has to stay here.”
They walked back to the main room and Dawn led him to a large couch.
“Do you like my dress David? I wore it especially for you.”
“Um, I love it Dawn and um thank you.”
“I’ve seen you look at me at work, it turns me on” she put her lips against his ear, “did you know that?”
“No” David stuttered, “but you look so sexy” he blurted out.
She rested her hand on his leg and was sliding it up when Brian entered the room.
“Dinner’s ready” David jumped, expecting Dawn to pull her hand away but she kept sliding it up until it covered his growing erection.
“So is dessert by the feel of it” she joked, then stood, waiting for David and walked to the dining room.
As they were sitting David’s phone rang and as he went to turn it off saw it was his mother.
“It’s mom, do you mind?”
“Of course not, say hi to Kathleen from me” Dawn replied.
David was confused for a moment as he didn’t realise his mother and Dawn knew each other.
His mother was concerned he was home alone but he assured her he was ok and that one of the ladies from work had asked him home.
“Is it Dawn?” his mother asked, “I did mention to her we would be away.”
“Yes, she says hello.”
“It’s an amazing house isn’t it” she replied, “tell her hello from me and I’ll see her at next weeks’ get together. Be good baby” she added, “do your mother proud.”
David hung up and passed the message to Dawn about next week.
“Oh good” Dawn exclaimed, “Kathleen is such fun.”
David wondered if they were talking about the same Kathleen as he couldn’t imagine his mother and Dawn having much in common.
Over dinner the conversation was normal, and when David asked Dawn, she explained that she kept working because she enjoyed it.
“I’ve cut back to three days a week but that still gives me a chance to meet my friends and new people. The money allows me a few little luxuries I like to buy for myself.”
Brian was very quietly spoken, letting Dawn do most of the talking. David didn’t care, he was entranced by the older lady hanging on every word, almost purring every time she touched his arm or pressed her heel against his leg under the table.
Brian stood and started to clear the dishes and David stood as well.
“Would you like some help?” he offered.
“Oh no David, Brian will happily do that won’t you pet” and as Brian smiled in agreement Dawn stood, “come with me and relax, we had a busy day today and it’ll be crazy tomorrow. I think I know just what we need.”
She led him through the big room and into a room off the side. A large couch faced a window looking out into the night garden and a circular bed was set in the middle of the room.
“When the party room gets to crowded this is my retreat. The glass is one-way looking out so it’s totally private, come sit with me.”
Dawn curled up against him then turned her head and cupped his chin with one hand.
“Are you enjoying Thanksgiving David?” she asked and when he nodded she drew his lips down and kissed him, “so am I, a lot.”
“Um, will Brian know where we are?” David asked
“Oh yes, Brian knows, don’t worry. He’s such a good boy, he’ll do the dishes then go straight up to our bedroom and wait for me to come to bed. I’m guessing he’s so hard in his cage, especially after your reaction to the outfit he chose for me to wear.”
“He knows?” David started.
“Oh yes” Dawn told him, “he’ll be hoping I bring him up a lovely cream pie dessert” Dawn undid David’s shirt buttons then started on his belt, “do you think that’s possible my boy?”
Without giving him a chance to answer she turned, kneeling on the couch, kissing him deeply as she released his cock into her hand.
“What a shame we both have an early start in the morning. I wanted to have you for a whole night. But I’m sure you’ll be back, aren’t you?”
“Oh yes” David moaned against her lips as she pumped him.
Dawn leaned back, spreading her legs wide, displaying her smooth sex.
“Come baby, taste how wet you’ve made me” she gripped his head, pushing it against her, moaning as she locked her legs around him, thrusting into his mouth until her first orgasm struck her.
“Now” she released him, getting on her knees “you’ve got the real thing boy, no more fantasy, fuck it, fuck me hard, fill me full of your gorgeous young cum”.
David had never been so ready. This was so different to his other times with his girlfriend. Grabbing her hips he slammed into her soaked pussy, his balls hitting her arse with each hard thrust, grabbing her hair and pulling back until he felt her starting to shake on his cock and he exploded, her spasming muscles milking him of his huge load.
Collapsing behind her, he wrapped his arms around her, breathing hard on her neck.
“I think you better drive me to work tomorrow David, because then I’ll need a lift home” she turned, kissing him and stroking his hair. ”
“Happy Thanksgiving my boy”

Pony Play


The Mistress’s would gather
Bring the favourite steed
Would talk about their grooming
Of how they let them feed
Boast of their equipment
How hard they could ride
Use their crops to point
And stroke their stallions pride

Occasionally a swap
Would be taking place
Whipping as they raced
At a frantic pace
The steed would try hard
To do his Mistress proud
Punishment awaited
If a disappointed crowd

The Switch


He wondered today
What switch inside her head
Would it be the Goddess
Or someone to be lead
Would she sit upon her throne
Awaiting him to please
Or wait inside the door for him
Compliant on her knees

Initially surprised him
The first time of the change
So many fears to conquer
Thoughts to rearrange
That voice that sounded firm
So willing now to serve
Looking up and pleasing
“Please give what I deserve”

So right
So wrong
Which world do they belong

Submissive’s Choice


“Up stairs or down
Your choice
Now son in law
Where is your voice?
When I was asked
To babysit
I thought I’d make
The best of it.

So, down the cellar
With the chains
Crop and flogger
Loving pains
Or up stairs
Tied to my bed
Where you
Can pleasure me instead

Oh that’s right
You’re hear two days
So we can spend
Our time both ways
It’s still your choice
Of what is first
Erotic pain
Or quench your thirst

Come little one
It’s time for fun”