It was just after midday on Thanksgiving and I had almost arrived in town. The roads had been so quiet as I drove in, presumably everyone must have been having lunch. As I passed the outskirts of town ,there was an unexpected loud bang, suddenly the car was swerving all over the road. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic about and I avoided hitting anyone. As I brought the car to a stop, I stepped out to see what had happened.

The front tire was shredded and giving it a kick , I heard a female voice say

“That wont help much.”.

I turned to see a small group of people standing in front of an adjacent house. The lady who had spoken was at the front smiling, and I couldn’t help but smile back. She walked towards me and the first thing I noticed, after her smile, were the gorgeous red soled heels she was wearing. She saw my eyes drop lingering down to them and smiled again, before holding out her hand. She introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Jenna, you seem to be knee-deep in a dilemma there cowboy .”

I laughed at her understatement . “Hello ,I’m David”, and then I saw her look of surprise upon hearing my accent.

“Is that an Australian accent?”

“It sure is”, I laughed.

“I could listen to you all day” . She let go of my hand. “Where are you heading Aussie “?

“Bakersfield ” , I told her.

“That’s a few hours away” . She turned to a couple of her friends, still watching from the other side of the road. “C’mon boys ,let’s show this nice Australian some good ol southern hospitality, get on over here and let’s help change the tire.”

“Thank you for the offer but I don’t have a spare. This is my second flat today.”

“Well , that does there put you in a pickle boy ” one of the men said, “Nothing will be open today being Thanksgiving. Looks like you’re stuck here Mister.” He walked back over to the group and Jenna followed, then after a short discussion came back over to me.

“Would you like to join us for Thanksgiving lunch? We can’t just leave you out on the street. Afterwards we will call around and find you a room for the night.”

“That would be lovely thank you” I replied. I had allowed an extra day in my trip and this seemed as good a way as any to spend it.

“C’mon Aussie David let’s go eat”, Jenna grabbed my arm and gave it a squeeze.

I turned toward her and smiled, guessing she was in her mid fifties, and I imagined she attended gym regularly, Her skin flawless , and a body as tone as a young girl .

“I’m going to make you talk all afternoon just so I can listen”, she laughed, as we walked across the road to the house.

Everyone must have been just about ready to eat, when my tire had startled them , so they kindly grabbed a plate for me and fitting a chair in beside Jenna , sat me down.

“Would you like to say grace David?”, the man who had invited me asked.

“It would be an honour”, I replied quickly trying to think of something to say. Everyone around the table joined hands and I felt Jenna’s small hand wrap around mine. I looked sideways at her and she gave me a quick wink and a grin crossed her pretty face.

“Lord” I began, “We would like to thank you for everything that you have provided for us, and as we all come together today in thanksgiving, we pray you are looking after all those that have departed this wonderful family. On a personal note I would like to thank you for the flat tire that has led me here to their table.” I felt Jenna squeeze my hand. “Thank you Lord.”

“That was beautiful David thank you” As Jenna let go of my hand and dropped hers onto my leg. “This is going to be a great Thanksgiving.”

I told them about my travels as we ate and they asked lots of questions. I was trying to work out who was where and they laughed as I got confused. I was interesting to find out that Jenna was a widow.

“I’m so sorry” I dropped my hand down onto hers and she gave it a little squeeze.

“Thank you David, I do miss him, especially at this time of year. He loved Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though we had no children of our own he spoiled his nieces and nephews rotten.”

There was a chorus of agreement around the table.

After we finished eating one of Jenna’s nieces called the nearest motel and returned to the table looking grim.

“They are full and told me the whole towns booked out” she said.

“Don’t worry about me” I told her, “after a meal like that I could sleep anywhere. I can put the seat down in the car.”

“I’m sure we can find a couch for you” , my host offered.

“There’s no need really” I replied.

“Of course there’s no need” Jenna interjected, “I have a big empty house. You can come and stay with me.”

“But Aunt Jenna, are you sure that’s safe” , one of her nephews asked. “No offence David but we barely know you.”

“I will be fine Tom”, Jenna answered him, “and I can always lock my door if I feel the need.” As she said these last words I turned to her and caught her smile and must have blushed as her nails dug into my thigh.

She was adamant that I was staying with her so there was no more discussion.

“Well the least I can do is help with the dishes” I offered.

“It’s ok David, go and watch the football with the boys. You might learn something about the game”, Jenna laughed.

Thirty minutes later I knew a little more about American football, but the men all knew a lot more about me and they seemed more comfortable with their aunts decision. The door opened and Jenna led a couple of the ladies into the room and sat over from me.

“Are you a fan yet David?” She asked.

“If you mean the football I still don’t understand it but I am definitely a fan of your wonderful family.”

“They are special aren’t they” she crossed her legs and my eyes were drawn once again to her red soles heels. She saw where my gaze had gone and let the heels slip off slightly, dangling on the end. I looked up and her eyes locked on mine. She was totally aware of the effect it was having on me.

“It’s starting to get a bit dark David, go and get your bag and we’ll get on our way”, Jenna said as she stood.

Thanking everyone I headed out to the car and retrieving my bag locked it up for the night. Jenna was waiting by a pickup with Tom and as I placed my bag in the back he came around to my side and held out his hand.

“Thanks for everything” I said as I shook his hand.

“Our pleasure David, Jenna will bring you back at 9am and we’ll go get
everything fixed up .” He pulled me in closer before releasing my hand and his voice went to a whisper,”She’s special to us just remember that ok?”

I knew exactly what he meant and looked him square in the eye and nodded and he patted me on the shoulder before turning to Jenna.

“Anything you need just call, ok Auntie Jenna ?”

“I’ll be fine Tom, I don’t think I’ll need a gun under my pillow. If he keeps talking in that damn Aussie accent David might though” she laughed.

I climbed into her truck and as we drove off we waved to her family.

“Do you really have guns?” I asked her and she laughed.

“Only five, how many do you have?”

“None, not many people do in Australia.”

“umm I thought you might have wanted to borrow one after what I just said.” We both laughed and she turned into the driveway of a ranch style house. “Welcome to my humble abode. Grab your bag and follow me” and she jumped out and walked towards the front door.

“It’s going to be so nice to have company” she chatted away as she opened the front door. She led me to a room of the hallway with a single bed. “Put your bag here. If you want the bathroom its the next door, I’m just going to change so I’ll meet you in the living room when you’re ready.”

“Thank you so much, you are spoiling me” and she took my arm.

“We can all do with a bit of spoiling, it’s what I miss the most. It’s hard to spoil yourself. See you soon” and she disappeared to the other end of the house.

The house was warmly heated so I gave myself a quick wash and changed into a new shirt before heading to the living room. The home was spacious , and beautifully furnished.I took the opportunity while waiting to look at the pictures on the mantelpiece. Amongst graduation and baby pictures of what I guessed were the nephew and nieces, were two pictures of Jenna and the man I guessed was her late husband.

The older picture showed her dressed for probably a wedding, her short black dress showing off her gorgeous legs and her pretty blonde hair pressed in against the chin of the big man holding her tight. Both their smiles lit up the picture.

The more recent picture showed the same couple but the smiles were more strained. The big man looked a lot leaner and Bronwyn was turned slightly towards him as though supporting him. You could still see the love for each other in their faces though.

“Ray was a good man” her voice startled me. “It’s been almost three years but I still miss him so much.” I turned from the pictures and was surprised to see that she had changed into a dress but was still wearing the heels.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel sad” I said as I walked toward her and put my arm around her shoulders.

“Not sad, they are beautiful memories.”

I noticed she had placed a glass of wine on a side table next to an armchair and she motioned me to sit as she crossed to the sofa.

“I love the dress” I said appreciatively, “but are the heels your house slippers?”

“You are funny Aussie” she laughed, “no, I kept these on because I noticed a certain man seemed to like them.”

“He certainly did”, I agreed, “he was very impressed.”

“I do know what they can do to a man” she turned side on and lifted one leg up onto the sofa, her foot arching and dress riding up exposing her thigh. “I hope I didn’t make you too uncomfortable.”

“Maybe a little” I smiled, “but in a nice way.”

Locking her eyes on mine she leaned forward and stroked the shoe along to her ankle causing me to moan slightly.

“Maybe you might like a closer look?” and when I nodded she crooked her finger and beckoned me over. “Don’t be scared now.”

My legs were shaking as I rose and walked across to the sofa. Jenna extended her arms, inviting me down into her embrace and balancing myself on the arm of the sofa I allowed her to draw me in, our lips just touching, then locked in a passionate kiss, the sexual tension between us since we had first met, coming to the fore.

I broke the kiss and then knelt, my lips running over her heel on the sofa stopping at her exposed toes.

“Oh my, you do love my heels don’t you David” she said as she dropped a hand and playfully rubbed my hair. She lifted the other foot and playfully pressed the heels into my groin area, teasing my hardening cock.

Shifting on the seat she moved one leg over my shoulder then lifted the other and pulled her dress back onto her stomach exposing the hairs covering her sex. They were neatly trimmed and he could see the dampness glistening on them.

“May I tempt you with my special dessert?” Jenna smiled, then gasped as I pressed my head forward and licked the length with my tongue. “Ohh god yes” she moaned, “I have missed this so much” and she wrapped her fingers in my hair pulling me in tight.

I was struggling to pull back a little to allow my tongue to wrap around her clit when her cellphone rang. Looking over at it she laughed.

“It’s Tom, Id better answer, but don’t stop” and just before she picked it up I got her clit between my teeth and she gasped then answered.

“Hi Tom” a pause , “yes Tom all good, no, he’s being the perfect gentleman, nothing is too much trouble.” Right there I wriggled my tongue in her and she shuddered and clamped my head tight. “I’m just giving him a little supper then it will be bed time. Yes I know we all ate so much but these Aussies have quite an appetite.”

I flicked my tongue over her clit and she almost moaned, taking a sharp breath.

“Of course Tom, I’ll call you. I think someone’s coming, bye” and she pressed the button and dropped the phone. “Fuck you Aussie, I almost came when I was talking to him, don’t stop now” and as I drive a finger in searching for her spot while sucking on her clit she started wailing and thrusting her sex against my face, her body shaking with the orgasm.

“Come up here” her throaty southern accent invited me, and I must have looked quite a sight, my face covered in her juice. “umm look what I’ve done to you” she smiled and licked at my lips before drawing me into another long kiss, her breathing still heavy.

“Help me up” she asked and as I did she kept hold of my hand, “I told Tom we were going to bed after supper so we better do as I said” and she led me into her bedroom and sat on the bed in front of me. “Take off your shirt” and as I did she unbuckled my pants and slid them down, my hard cock springing free and almost hitting her. She reached out and took it in both hands, her tongue licking at the excitement leaking from the eye.

“My turn for supper” as she slid her mouth over me and down the length, drawing back only to allow her tongue to tease up the soft skin underneath. As she worked me, one hand moved around and cupped my balls and she squeezed the fullness, causing me to moan

“All for me, lovely” she smiled up at me and then concentrated once again, her mouth sliding up and down my length, her tongue and teeth driving me crazy.

Suddenly she stopped and drawing the dress over her head she crawled up in the bed, naked except for her heels and I caught sight of her small pert breasts. Setting herself up on all fours she looked back over her shoulder.

“Take me David, fuck me hard, I need to feel a hard cock from behind. Ride me hard, cowboy.”

I didn’t need any further urging and clambered onto the bed and moved in behind her and she lifted herself slightly to take me in.

“Ohhh fuck yes “as I entered slowly and I felt her close around me, “ride me baby, grab my hair.”

I reached out, grabbing her hair, pulling back as I started to thrust harder, her tiny frame bouncing around on the end of me. With a handful of hair I starting spanking her with the other, sensing this need in her and the howls of delight proved me right.

“Oh yes baby, spank your naughty girl” she whimpered, her hand dropping between her legs, touching as my cock slid past her clit and I felt her body begin to shake.

“Yes Jenna oh fuck yes, I’m going to cum” I cried out, and as I tried to pull out she moved back with me.

“No baby, no don’t leave me, fill me” she begged and as her body let go , so did mine and I exploded into her, riding her orgasm through with my own until finally I withdrew and collapsed on the bed beside her. I was laying on my back and she was still on all fours and she turned and looked at me saucily under her arm, her face alive with the pleasure, then she moved her body so she was laying on top of me and we kissed.

“I never thought I would be giving thanks for a flat tire on Thanksgiving” she giggled, but oh Lordy “Thank You for my blessing ” Amen

The end

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