By Paris

I sit awaiting his pleasure, eyes blinded to sight
My tongue runs along the inside of my abused bottom lip
Raw from where I had bitten it last night
Pulling my lip between my teeth, I worry it again
Anticipating when my beautiful pleasure will begin

We’ve been here before, but each time feels like the first
He keeps me guessing, keeps me on edge
Has me begging…loves building my thirst
Never knowing where he’ll be
Breath hitching, body quivering, longing for him to touch me

Warm breath caresses my neck…I tilt my head…I silently beg
Wanting the hot, wet press of his mouth…on my flushed, wet skin
Like a jungle cat he moves, stalking his prey, his path a silent segue
For I am poised naked and vulnerable…his captive kitten…claws sheathed
Craving the moment I shall be stroked and teased

His unique essence fills my senses to overflowing…driving my needs higher
A gentle hand palms my head…his fingers close, gripping my hair tighter
Where he leads…I follow, submitting to his every whim…juices flowing hot from my quim
Taking my mouth with an aggressive plunge of tongue…I gasp and moan
Completely thrown, by his bold, yet tender kiss
My body surrenders, hovering on the edge of total bliss

©Paris Poems 2014
A poetess newly come to twitter with a new found passion for writing poetry. Currently residing in the USA
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Poetic Interpretation of picture And Title,

By Mark Davis 

The Edge Of Bliss
By Mark Davis

Looking over
The edge of bliss
In her mind
“Is it worth this?”
Knew once
The next step taken
Those old demons
The doubts
The worries
Green eyed monsters
And the sorries
This time
Not just needing lust
But importantly
Needing trust
Then he touches her
Strokes and kisses
She sighs
This is what she misses
And she asks herself again
Is it worth this?
It is, she jumps
To bliss