A Night In The Sauna

It was late, the stupid dinner was meant to have finished a lot earlier. She had hoped she would get back to her room earlier.  Had been away from home now for 3 days and was feeling horny. Reading the information on the hotel she had noticed that they had a sauna and a spa and  had been planning on having a nice session there then returning to her room ringing her lover and using the toy she had packed. But now everything would probably be shut.

As she walked past the desk she stopped, no harm in asking  the man behind the counter what time the sauna closed. He looked at the time, telling her in 10 minutes. He must have seen her frown so he told her that he was on for another hour and that he would keep it open for her. She thanked him heading straight for her room, changing into a robe and went straight back down. The room was quiet, she liked it like this and she walked across to the sauna opening the door. Mmmm, the heat hit her and the fragrance of the steam filled her nose. As she expected it was empty and she settled herself on the bench, closing her eyes, letting the tensions of the day disappear. She started to think of what she had planned for the rest of the evening, and felt a tingle in her pussy. She smiled to herself,  couldnt wait to hear her lovers voice. Could almost feel her toy rubbing over her, in her,  as her lover talked her to a raging orgasm. Without thinking her hand slipped down her body, under her robe.  She found herself touching her growing wetness and she rubbed her finger over her clit, trembling slightly.

Suddenly she heard the door and she quickly drew her hand out, straightening the robe. It was the man from the counter and he was in a robe as well. He told her his friend had agreed to finish his shift for him and that he felt like a sauna too after she had mentioned it. He smiled, telling her he had been pleased to see that she was still there when he peered through the window in the door. Something about the way he said this made her realise he had been watching as she touched herself, and her face, already flushed from the sauna flushed even more. He came over, sitting beside her, and she found herself between the wall and him.
she wasnt sure what to do and she started to stand. He put his hand on her leg holding her down on the bench. He turned to face her  and the hand on her leg slipped between them and he told her not to go. She tried once more to stand and he moved his hand quickly between her legs, straight to her sex and she gasped as he touched her. Releasing the pressure slightly he told her she could leave now if she wished but he wanted her to stay. She parted herlegs further apart so his finger could enter her and he  smiled at her reaction  and  moved his finger in her. The other hand spread her robe revealing her breasts. She started to struggle against his hand again but she couldnt deny he was getting her wetter and wetter and when he bent his head kissing and biting her nipples she couldnt help but let out a moan ,He grabbed her hand placing it between his legs and she felt his hard cock. He pulled open his robe and she looked down at it glistening in the heat. Removing his fingers from inside her he grabbed her arm pulled her off the bench turning her so she was kneeling facing him.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and she looked up into his face. Smiling down, his cock inches from her lips  she went to move her head to suck him but he held her head steady by the hair. “Do you want to suck me girl?” he demanded of her. She tried to nod but then he asked her again and she answered…”yes sir” and he yanked her hair forward and her mouth opened taking him in. She felt the pressure lessen on her hair as she worked her mouth lips and tongue over him and her pussy started to ache at the thought of the cock sliding in and out of her. She could feel him starting to tense.  Suddenly he pulled her mouth off him and  told her to kneel on the bench.
Lost to the passion he had ignited in her she willingly obliged and he climbed up behind her and suddenly she felt his cock slam inside her.It  felt so good as he rode her,  his hard cock rubbing all the right places inside her and she dropped her hand between her legs, touching, stroking her clit as he rode her madly. She could feel an orgasm building and she started to cry out and as she felt him start to pump harder and harder. She came with a yell,cumming so hard, still cumming as he exploded into her, gripping her arse. Holding her hard onto him as her filled her spasming pussy.
He held her onto him for a while then climbed off the bench going around in front of her. She sensed what was expected of her and reached out taking his softening cock in her hands licking and sucking their juices off it. When she had finished  he smiled down, stroking her head…”good girl

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