Masters Choice


Mark Davis and Sharon Johnson

Master and Sub…

Hair up
As expected
To be inspected
Lace covered
Nipples tight
Prayed it would be right

I hear his voice
Master’s choice
He looks at me
I know he’s pleased
I chose right
For our night
Of play…

Hard to hide
Balls buried
Deep inside
Held by Him
Would vibrate
At his whim

Desire high
Can’t be denied
Tied and bound
The only sound
Him saying my name
As I do the same
Screaming in ecstasy…

He was there
She moaned
Held his stare
He reached out
Soft touch teased
“My girl
I am pleased”

Feeling sated
Master Elated
Then his tender kiss
Upon my lips
Smiles at him
Sub and Master win