Her Dance


He plays
She dances
Men will fight
To be the one
Chosen tonight
To feel the rhythm
Body press
Like liquid flows
Beneath her dress

Satisfy her
In the dance
The lucky few
Will get the chance
From the floor
They will be led
The dance of lust
Ends in her bed

The Switch


He wondered today
What switch inside her head
Would it be the Goddess
Or someone to be lead
Would she sit upon her throne
Awaiting him to please
Or wait inside the door for him
Compliant on her knees

Initially surprised him
The first time of the change
So many fears to conquer
Thoughts to rearrange
That voice that sounded firm
So willing now to serve
Looking up and pleasing
“Please give what I deserve”

So right
So wrong
Which world do they belong

Her Pleasures


He ran his fingers down her front
She squirmed against his touch
Legs tied apart her pussy dripped
Wanted him so much
The pressure from the clothes pegs
Pinching her pussy lips
Two fingers slid inside her
Caused her to buck her hips

The ones upon her nipples
He squeezed extra tight
Then pulling them off quickly
Bent down to kiss and bite
Felt her start to tremor
Then turned to walk away
She begged him not to leave her
“Don’t leave me here this way”

Could tell she had her toy out
Pressed between her legs
Knew she was close to cumming
Heard it in her begs
He himself was aching
Her begging made it grow
Stood back and observed her
Couldn’t let it show

He went back to her pussy
Three fingers nice and wet
Bent down and whispered
“Cum now for me pet”
As her juices go
His fingers couldn’t stem the flow

A Special Love


The special place
Their private space
Somewhere so discrete
All day
Her thoughts would drift his way
Dream of when they’d meet
Their first kiss
So needed this
The blanket on the ground
Hot desires
He’d fuel her fires
Wished him first she’d found

Lay with him
Comfort in his hands
Whispering their plans

Mark D Davis

The Guest


“My old friend is in town
I’ve offered him a bed
Make sure you look after him”
Is what her husband said
She was trying on some lingerie
When he knocked on the door
Put on a robe and answered
Smiled at what she saw

The handsome man smiled back
She invited him inside
She felt his eyes undress her
His interest hard to hide
Explained that her husband
Would be back the next day
“It’s lonely when he’s gone
So it’s nice that you will stay”

They talked for a while
She was still in her robe
He told her how his travels
Took him round the globe
“But if I had someone
Like you waiting at home
I think things would change
I’d be less inclined to roam”

Crossing her legs
She started to flirt
His gaze so arousing
How could it hurt
Her bustier showing
Her robe slightly parted
He leaned in and kissed her
And that’s how it started

Now here she was
Down on her knees
Followed hubbies instructions
Doing her best to please
Using her magic
As he gripped tight the chair
Would not be lonely
While the guest was there

Mark D  Davis 2016



In this space
We’d share a warm embrace
A message
Would bring a smile to my face
I’d see you
As I gazed into blue skies
Your vision
Would dance before my eyes

Feel your face between my fingers
Your presence lingers

Mark D Davis 2016

Haunted Honeymoon


Stranded on the roadside
Bravely left her car
Had seen a lighted window
It didn’t seem too far
No signal on her phone
Not sure what to do
The rain began to fall
Soon she was soaked through

The young man was welcoming
Invited her inside
She asked to use his phone
“It’s broken” he replied
Handed her a towel
Told her to dry her hair
Then left her and returned
With something dry to wear

She changed in the bathroom
The dress was white and lace
When she went back out
A wide smile crossed his face
Dressed in his Sunday best
He invited her to eat
Walked her to the table
He was really quite sweet

They talked about the weather
He asked about her drive
Would they worry he asked her
When tonight she’d not arrive
She told him as long
As she was there next day
They would think she stopped to rest
With the weather been that way

After the meal
They talked for a while
Then he asked her to dance
“It’s been quite a while”
His strong farmers hands
Felt nice on her hips
As they swayed to the music
She searched out his lips
Not a word spoken
She was led to his bed
Covered in petals
Of roses so red
Such a tender lover
She’d not had before
Not one part of needs
Did he fail to explore

Woken by the knocking
The sun shining through
When she answered the police said
“We’ve been looking for you
We saw your car
Guessed you might be here
We can get you on your way
There’s nothing to fear”

She went to tell them
About the man and the night
But as she looked around
Saw the derelict sight
“No one has lived here
Since young Bill lost his bride
But sometimes the locals
See a light inside”

“The night of the wedding
Bill hit a tree
She died in his arms
Her head on his knee
He tried to go on
But he couldn’t forgive
And in the end he lost
Any will to live”

As she closed the door
She was sure she heard
A voice say her name
Maybe it was a bird
Then she felt his touch
And his breathe on her ear
“Thank you for my honeymoon night
My dear”



The Vamp in Red


That final touch she knew
Would seal her plan
She knew just what it took
To lure
And ensnare
The right sort of a man
One look from her
The vision clad in red
Drawn softly
To her web
Then tethered to her bed

As she stripped
And laid his body bare
The vein would pulse
In his erection
Run her painted nail there
She would mount
Hold him firm as muscles grip
Then with a scream
As they came
His throats her vicious fangs would rip

She would drink
As she drained him of his seed
His blood so rich
From his excitement
Her favourite time to feed
Then with her kiss
She would revive him with her breathe
Bring him forth
Into her world
Join her tribe of Living Death

Mark Davis 2016