Night N Day


She knew she had him hooked
By the way he always looked
When she wore the boots to work he always paused

Would tease him every day
Then send him on his way
Smile at the bulge she knew she caused

She lived all alone
One day on the phone
She called him said her car wouldn’t start

He came through her open door
She pointed to the floor
Was waiting for him with her legs apart

Dropped to his knees straight away
Dreamt for ages of this day
She smiled at the speed that he obeyed

“If you want to be my bitch
Come closer ease my itch”
And for the next hour that is where he stayed

For the rest of the day
She introduced him to her play
He responded to the pleasure and the pain

Sensations produced
As new toys she introduced
Their relationship at work never the same

Mark D Davis  ©2017

The Power of the Princess


“Come sit
Don’t be shy”
She patted by her side
He sat
Hands on lap
Nerves were hard to hide
“Your cute
I won’t bite”
Beguiled by her smile
Covered his hand
With hers
“Why don’t you stay a while”

He was unaware
Of the Princess reputation
Otherwise he would have run
From this precarious situation
Although she always looked
So innocent and calm
Once lured to her chambers
Her toys could do great harm

In her mind she could see
Him chained to the wall
The flogger in her hand
She was powerful but small
All the while
Getting wetter from his begs
He’d pay for the time
He spent between her legs

Mark D Davis ©2017

The Turn of Fate


The scent of blood
The nostrils flares
Who is this one who dared
The forest dark
Paths to walk
Why are they not scared?

He waited
For his prey to pass
Then knife raised in the air
Moved quickly
Stepped behind the girl
Grabbed her by the hair

“You’re mine to take”
He hissed to her
Her clothes he went to rip
She spun around
Her legs swung out
He fell hard with the trip

“Your wrong my friend”
Her eyes glowed red
“You’ve made a big mistake”
He screamed
As her fangs appeared
“You are mine to take”

With super strength
She held him
Robbed him of his seed
They found him
With his throat in shreds
No blood left to bleed

Mark D Davis ©2017

My Masters Will


She ached
No doubt
No mistake
She did not do as she was told
Let punishment

Each strike
Just, how Master likes
Each jolt beautiful pain
She braces
Again and again

On the brink
No time to think
Begging for release
On her knees
Master please

She knows
One thing above
She won’t betray
Masters love

Mark D Davis ©2017

Her Bosses Desires


Invited to her bosses house
Dressed in her Sunday best
Knew not to be late
Was sure it was a test
Chose her outfit carefully
Smart but not too sweet
Got the right reaction
“You look good enough to eat”

“Come with me young lady
Bring along your drink
I’ll show you through my house
You can tell me what you think”
Amazed at the pretty ladies
That were wandering the halls
Recognised their faces
In the pictures on the walls

The pictures showed them naked
Kneeling on the floor
Or tied to the bed posts
Almost hear them beg for more
The boss took her hand
As through a large door she was led
She gave no resistance
As they tied her to the bed

Stripped off her clothes
Inhibitions fell away
Begged like the others
As her boss began to play
And when she’d finished
She gave her new toys
To the girls of her harem
For them to enjoy

Mark D Davis ©2017

The Dancing Vamp


He danced like no other
Held her in his arms
They floated round the floor
Enraptured by his charms
Pressed tight against her
Lost in his masked eyes
Her own sex on fire
Locked to his hard thighs

If only she knew
His true need that night
Not revealed till her fate
Was sealed with his bite

Mark D Davis ©2017

Her Special Need

17555363_787798261369041_335932112_n (1)

Pursued him
Mask in place
That if he saw her face
Would flood his mind
A lover
He had left behind

Cornered him
Had her way
No escape
For him that day
Once inside
She changed his will
She took her fill

A cigarette
Her mind to calm
His seed
A soothing balm

Mark D Davis ©2017









The Master I Missed


Spread open wide
She felt his fingers deep inside
Another finger
Then his fist
Her Master she had missed

Tight on her breast
He gave the chain a simple test
Into her sub space
Saw the smile on his face

To respond to him
Obey his erotic whim
So it would seem
To fulfil Masters dream

Till her sex numb
Begging him to let her cum

Mark D Davis 2017