LOVE AT ANY AGE By Suzzana C Ryan



By Suzzana C Ryan

Did you ever think that love
Would come more than once?
Have you mourned lost lovers?
Thinking age would stop others
From seeing you, wanting you?
It’s not so
Love’s a go
At any age
Or stage
In one’s life
Youth has its advantages for sure
But when an emotion as intense as Love
Takes us by surprise experience is the door
Which brings us closer by any measure
You’d think we’d know better and
Act like adults and not crash land
Acting besotted and dreamy eyed
I ask is love bolder when older?
Nope just as silly with our brains fried
With love songs and unabashed sex
Phone calls, giggles and phone text
Love is the single greatest emotion
Known to man that puts us in motion
Bodies sweat, hearts beat life’s treat
We touch
We gush
We kiss
We miss
We adore
We love to the core
Love at any age can take ones breath away
Look it in the eye
Never ask why
That old proverb, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all”
I stand by that because it is by far the greatest feeling to love even if you fall
And if love stabs you in the heart
Imagine never having had a part
Loving, lusting, and desiring someone
My love, I regret nothing, for we have won
Because we have loved like none
Before us or after us and we are still one
Have I told you lately that I love you?
I haven’t said those words, but I truly do.
So my love that came so late in life to me
I love you with all my heart Mon’ Ami

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Poetic Interpretation Of Picture and Title
By Mark Davis

Not a bar
A library
Searching for a book
He spied the grey haired beauty
Took a second look
Something seemed familial
About her face cut of hair
His mind was working overtime
Tried hard not to stare

Then suddenly it hit him
His girlfriend from high school
Had argued then and dumped her
Like a silly fool
They’d had such good times
Partied, lots of fun
For years he had pondered
If he let go the perfect one

“Hello Rob” her soft beside
Whispered in his ear
Impulsively he reached out
Drawing her in near
Her kiss had not lost its feel
Her body pressed in tight
Just like when they were in their teens
Everything felt right

They walked out for a coffee
Let the flow of memories start
She told him when he went away
Left her with broken heart
Holding hands decided
To start writing a new page
Appropriate for their library meet
Titled “love at any age”