The Taste


Do you like my leather?
Like the taste upon your tongue
Do you like to kneel before
The pain as you are stung?
Come closer my pet
Before your Mistress kneel and wait
For permission to come nearer
To seal your submissive fate

Let my gloves touch your lips
Stroke them with my finger
Push your head down to my boots
Satisfy me let them linger
Keep cleaning with your tongue
Till I instruct you when to stop
Then offer me your arse
Feel the power of my crop

Your punishment you’ll take
Then when Mistress is done
You’ll pray she’s in the mood
To continue on her fun
If your lucky she’ll allow you
To give pleasure and obey
Or she will leave you wanting
In your submissive way



“A surprise for you my boy
Lay down on your back”
He did as he was ordered
While she opened up the pack
His eyes opened wide
When he saw what she withdrew
A long black strapon
“I bought it just for you”

Moaned as the straps tightened
Around Mistress waist
The head brushed his lips
“Enjoy your first taste”
Knelt between his legs
Pushed them open wide
Lubed up the strapon
Slid fingers inside

“Keep your eyes open boy
I want to see
That beautiful moment
You give your arse to me”
Teased his hole with the end
His arse tried to reject
Then that precious time
When he finally accepts

Held it in for moment
Then the long slow ride
Spread his legs further
Took her further inside
Mistress so turned on
The look on his face
As she sent her boy
Into perfect subspace

Long slow rhythm
His arse almost numb
Played with his cock
Prepared him to come
Teased and squeezed
Till with begging scream
Took him past the point
Released his warm white stream

Servicing The Lady Boss


He woke to her aroma
Fingers on his face
Blindfolded he remembered
How she lured him to this place
“Come up for a nightcap”
She had seemed so sweet
The next thing that he knew
Waking tied up to the seat

Though they worked together
He’d tried to keep it straight
She’d pestered him to take her out
“I’m your boss we cannot date”
But tonight after a meeting
She’d finally got her way
“I saved your butt in their
So tonight I think you pay”

She behaved herself through dinner
Kept the chat all nice
Even pulled away
When his foot had touched hers twice
Asked for a lift home
“Don’t feel safe on the late trains”
Offered him a nightcap
He should have used his brains

Now here he was
Tied down to the chair
She stripped off before him
Ran fingers through his hair
Left the blind fold on
As she got down on one knee
Pulled down his hands
Set his manhood free

She handled the softness
Stroked it in her hand
He felt her warm breath
As her tongue caressed the gland
Try as he might
Let her get beneath his guard
Heard her triumphant giggle
As his began to get hard

By the time she was finished
He was begging for release
She took away her mouth
Sat astride his knees
Lowered herself down
Her heat caused him to groan
“I have dreamed off this moment
Many nights here alone”

Leaning forward
Nibbled on his ear
Bounced up and down
Till their orgasms near
Then just as he came
Ripped the blindfold aside
Joined in his pleasure
As he erupted inside

“Do I need to leave you
Tired and restrained
Will you behave?
Do you need to be trained?”
He leaned forward
Kissed her nipple tips
“That’s the answer I wanted”
Kissed him hard on the lips

Aroma therapy


Stocking lure him up her legs
Face against the lace he begs
She smiles down from her chair
Loves the way her pet kneels there

Fingers her lace panties touch
The dampness there he wants so much
His eagerness just like a child
Knows her aroma drives him wild

Slips her finger neath the band
Makes him sit and watch her hand
The ache of need there in his eyes
Feels his breath upon her thighs

Her sex now streaming nice and slick
Removes her finger, his to lick
Rubs his cock with spiky heel
Her finger re commences feel


The power over him complete
His face so close she feels the heat
Brings her to orgasm so great
“Not now pet, you must wait”