The Online Sub


Each day, she’d message Him
He’d answer when it was his whim
Her toys spread out on the bed
To do the things He said

Sometimes He might ask
Or set her a simple task
Get her so wet between her legs
Then laugh away her begs

Other times He might call
Make her to her knees fall
His voice made it all so real
Swear His cock she could feel

Addicted, to His sound
Instructed, her sex shed pound
Until, “oh Master please!”
Permission to release

Before He let her go
Before she lost that glow
“I’m Yours” He would have her say
And promise not to stray

Dominated My Way


Come closer if you dare
But beware
It’s not a costume that I wear
Not some image that I keep
My beliefs run deep

If you don’t believe
Then leave
I will not sit and grieve
But if you decide to stay
Then things are done My way

Prepare yourself to hurt for Me
Approach Me on bended knee
My needs your goal will be
Tormented by exquisite pain
Then beg to endure again

A Vamps Need


An awesome sight
Head lifted to the night
Satisfied now she’d fed
Her victim tied to the bed

So simple, a show of leg
One kiss and then they’d beg
Lured them to her room
Unaware, impending doom

Allow them to enter first
Before she quenched her lethal thirst
Then lost in orgasms cry
She’d drain her victim dry

A Sirens Call


Gazing at the fire
He heard her call his name
Could not believe his eyes
As she grew out of the flame
Beckoned him towards her
“I know that which you yearn
Come dance with me tonight
A whole world you will learn”

Trancelike he stood
Eyes lit with desire
Stepped into her arms
This Goddess of the fire
No pain did he feel
As to embers he was drawn
Rewarded by her passion
As to her world he was reborn