A Vamps Need


An awesome sight
Head lifted to the night
Satisfied now she’d fed
Her victim tied to the bed

So simple, a show of leg
One kiss and then they’d beg
Lured them to her room
Unaware, impending doom

Allow them to enter first
Before she quenched her lethal thirst
Then lost in orgasms cry
She’d drain her victim dry

A Sirens Call


Gazing at the fire
He heard her call his name
Could not believe his eyes
As she grew out of the flame
Beckoned him towards her
“I know that which you yearn
Come dance with me tonight
A whole world you will learn”

Trancelike he stood
Eyes lit with desire
Stepped into her arms
This Goddess of the fire
No pain did he feel
As to embers he was drawn
Rewarded by her passion
As to her world he was reborn

Happy New Year


She waited
Lips parted
Needed it so much
His breathe
Upon her cheek
Felt his gentle touch
On her cheek
Slowly turned her face
His lips
Pressed against hers
Moaned as they locked in place
Her lips parted
She felt his tongue invade
He pulled
Her close against him
As with hers he played
Closed her eyes
So lost
Drawn into his world
Entwined between them
As their passions unfurled

Her Trainer


Christmas had been good to her
Gained a pound or two
Saw an ad for training
“That’s something I can do”
Went for an assessment
“I’ll get you nice and trim
We’ll train you at my house” they said
“No need for a gym”

Each week she worked harder
The pounds soon fell away
One night after a workout
Her trainer said “please stay”
Offered her a massage
Reward for doing well
“Come lay down on the table
Let me work my magic spell”

Started on her shoulders
Then slowly down her back
Another squirt of oil
Some ran between her crack
Strong fingers slid between them
Prised open her legs
Lips beside her ear
“You know I like a girl that begs”

“Please yes” a breathless whisper
As a finger slid in deep
Moved her hips upon it
Her composure couldn’t keep
“Cum for me now baby
Cum hard on my hand”
Her body quaked in pleasure
As she obeyed the firm command

“Good pet”
She heard them say
“Your real training
Starts today.”

Her Dance


He plays
She dances
Men will fight
To be the one
Chosen tonight
To feel the rhythm
Body press
Like liquid flows
Beneath her dress

Satisfy her
In the dance
The lucky few
Will get the chance
From the floor
They will be led
The dance of lust
Ends in her bed

Christmas For All


Slow down your pace
Look around
See the face
A mix of joy
And despair
Christmas in the air

Mum watches
As her children play
Knows what they want
But can she pay?
Worry fills
Her loving eyes
No one knows
At night she cries

Young lovers
Walking hand in hand
In their own world
Nothing planned
They’ll wake together
Christmas Day
Make love
No time to pray

The old man
Will make the walk
Up the hill
Sit and talk
Put fresh flowers
On her grave
Sweet memories
Are his to save

The salvos
Opens up their door
Welcomes in
The lost and poor
Served with a smile
Gentle touch
A simple gesture
Means so much

All is not lost
A friendly gesture
Has no cost
Whatever faith
You choose to be
Open your heart
Let your love free

Little Kitty


Little kitty
At my feet
A short tug on your lead
Little kitty
Lick your lips
It’s time for you to feed
Little kitty
Gentle licks
I reach down stroke your hair
Little kitty
Cream awaits
I firmly hold you there

Little kitty
Now well fed
Swallowed every bit
Little kitty
On your back
Let Master stroke your clit
Little kitty
Open wide
Spread out on the floor
Little kitty
Let me change
Your purr into a roar

Won’t you be my neighbour?


“Oh hi
So nice of you to drop by
It’s always nice to meet the neighbours new
Can you stay?
Can think of games that we can play
By the look of that lump so do you

Let me
Set your body free
We don’t need those silly clothes to play do we
That’s better
Come and feel, I’m getting wetter
I think it’s time you came and laid down here with me”