Her Trainer


Christmas had been good to her
Gained a pound or two
Saw an ad for training
“That’s something I can do”
Went for an assessment
“I’ll get you nice and trim
We’ll train you at my house” they said
“No need for a gym”

Each week she worked harder
The pounds soon fell away
One night after a workout
Her trainer said “please stay”
Offered her a massage
Reward for doing well
“Come lay down on the table
Let me work my magic spell”

Started on her shoulders
Then slowly down her back
Another squirt of oil
Some ran between her crack
Strong fingers slid between them
Prised open her legs
Lips beside her ear
“You know I like a girl that begs”

“Please yes” a breathless whisper
As a finger slid in deep
Moved her hips upon it
Her composure couldn’t keep
“Cum for me now baby
Cum hard on my hand”
Her body quaked in pleasure
As she obeyed the firm command

“Good pet”
She heard them say
“Your real training
Starts today.”

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