Submissive’s Choice


“Up stairs or down
Your choice
Now son in law
Where is your voice?
When I was asked
To babysit
I thought I’d make
The best of it.

So, down the cellar
With the chains
Crop and flogger
Loving pains
Or up stairs
Tied to my bed
Where you
Can pleasure me instead

Oh that’s right
You’re hear two days
So we can spend
Our time both ways
It’s still your choice
Of what is first
Erotic pain
Or quench your thirst

Come little one
It’s time for fun”

One thought on “Submissive’s Choice

  1. A while back I watched a docu about a grandmother who had a secret life…she met with a young man who was her submissive once a month, no one knew, it had be going on for years…yay for Grandma!


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