Her Pleasures


He ran his fingers down her front
She squirmed against his touch
Legs tied apart her pussy dripped
Wanted him so much
The pressure from the clothes pegs
Pinching her pussy lips
Two fingers slid inside her
Caused her to buck her hips

The ones upon her nipples
He squeezed extra tight
Then pulling them off quickly
Bent down to kiss and bite
Felt her start to tremor
Then turned to walk away
She begged him not to leave her
“Don’t leave me here this way”

Could tell she had her toy out
Pressed between her legs
Knew she was close to cumming
Heard it in her begs
He himself was aching
Her begging made it grow
Stood back and observed her
Couldn’t let it show

He went back to her pussy
Three fingers nice and wet
Bent down and whispered
“Cum now for me pet”
As her juices go
His fingers couldn’t stem the flow

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