The Guest


“My old friend is in town
I’ve offered him a bed
Make sure you look after him”
Is what her husband said
She was trying on some lingerie
When he knocked on the door
Put on a robe and answered
Smiled at what she saw

The handsome man smiled back
She invited him inside
She felt his eyes undress her
His interest hard to hide
Explained that her husband
Would be back the next day
“It’s lonely when he’s gone
So it’s nice that you will stay”

They talked for a while
She was still in her robe
He told her how his travels
Took him round the globe
“But if I had someone
Like you waiting at home
I think things would change
I’d be less inclined to roam”

Crossing her legs
She started to flirt
His gaze so arousing
How could it hurt
Her bustier showing
Her robe slightly parted
He leaned in and kissed her
And that’s how it started

Now here she was
Down on her knees
Followed hubbies instructions
Doing her best to please
Using her magic
As he gripped tight the chair
Would not be lonely
While the guest was there

Mark D  Davis 2016

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