Friendly Neighbours



The older neighbour called
Not sure what to think
“My husbands away
Come and join me for a drink”
The young wife was curious
New to the street
Thought it a good chance
A new friend to meet

Keen to impress
She brushed out her hair
Applying her makeup
Took special care
Took a long time
To pick out a dress
Not sure why so keen
To try and impress

“Mmmm you look so delicious”
A kiss on the cheek
The touch from her hostess
Made her knees go weak
“I’ve invited some friends
All keen to know
About the new neighbour
Maybe I club can grow”

When she walked in the room
They all turned their eyes
The way they stared
Made her wet between thighs
“We all get together
When we get the chance
To share our interests
And drink wine and dance

A mixture of ages
From her age to old
As they drank more wine
The talk got more bold
The music started
Slow songs were played
She watched as the ladies
Held close and swayed

The hostess stood
Held out her hand
“Come dance my dear”
Helped her to stand
The others watched
Drawn to her embrace
“You feel so good”
Felt the breathe on her face

Some of the others
Were leaving In pairs
Hand in hand
She watched them walk up the stairs
A kiss on her lips
“Do you like what you see?
I need to lay down
Would you care to join me?”

Meekly she nodded
Her host led the way
When they reached the bedroom
All pretence swept away
“Because I invited
I get first chance
But the others can’t wait
For their turn to dance”
Chat Conversation End
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