The Curse of Beauty




I croaked
Throat dry
Tried to speak
Knees weak

Is she real?
Those lips
I could feel
Thoughts through my head
I want her in my bed

Heels draw
My eyes
I want to see more
Eyes smile, hair of gold
Could I be so bold?

Turns away
Other men
Who approach her to play
Swallow my word, turn and go
I will know

Men would approach
Try to get
Some were sexy
Made her wet
But she didn’t want
It that fast
Need to know it would last

She saw him leave
Try to hide
Felt butterflies inside
Wondered why
Did not approach
Was he scared to encroach?

She kept looking
For him that night
He’d disappeared
Gone out of sight
Next time she saw him
Was in her dreams
Woke herself
With Her screams

Back to the bar
The next week
The mystery man
To try and seek
Saw him
And her knees went weak
Tapped him arm
“Let’s speak”

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