The Office Girls

Once upon a time there was a lady in an office. Some mornings the other ladies noticed she arrived looking a bit more flushed than normal so they decided to ask her why.

She finally admitted that she had discovered an author poet that had been posting some very erotic stories and poems.

To probe a point she even bought them a copy of his latest poetry book and gave them out for Christmas.

She told the writer all about this and he decided to write a poem for each of them based on what had been shared. The names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

Follow their story here and see how the inspiration spread further than the office

Looked over her shoulder
“What’s that you’re reading?”
Turned out
It was something they were all needing
The other girls gathered round
Each anxious to hear
And read what she’d found

The words she bought them
Shared every day
They’d each take home
And in their own way
Use them
To fantasise
Later that night
Close their eyes

In different beds
Dreams unfurled
Be taken
To the poets world
Their favourites
No two the same
He tempted them
To ignite the flame

At work
She tried to rule
In charge
Always so cool
But the words
He placed in her head
Bound, spread
To the bed
She’d dream
Of being Masters toy
Crop and blindfolds
Tools of joy
Every time
A new one came
Her reaction
Always the same
A poem of
A Master strong
She’d rush home
And not last long
See Master smile
At her begs
Toy working hard
Between her legs
Hearing him
Say her name
She came


“I have something new for you”
She loved when that occurred
Couldn’t wait to hear and see
The poets latest word
Excited she would listen
Then when she was alone
Would send it in a message
To her husbands phone

She’d picture him reading it
And knowing what it meant
Leave him in no doubt
How the evening would be spent
Tease him with tales
Of what her workmates say
Hint at the thought
Might bring one home some day

Lizzy always loved
When the poet wrote a scene
Pictured her legs open wide
A girlfriend in between
Craved to feel
A femmes gentle touch
His words opened up
What she’d dreamed of so much

Found herself flirting
With the girl at the store
Scared to be bold
And ask her for more
In her mind ask her home
Brush lips cross her face
Find the love that she needed
Locked in her embrace

It was like he could see
Get deep inside
Uncover her dreams
That she kept hidden inside
Abby and Jade

They’d share a smile
As the poems were read
No one could guess
The thoughts in their head
The cougar ones
Bought them most delight
Because they hunted in pairs
Through the bars late at night

Dressed up to kill
Abby and Jade
Knew where to hunt
That upon which they preyed
Once they had
The young man in their sights
They’d drag him home
And share the delights


The one
Who started it all
Introduced to poet
For which they would fall
She knew
That inside his mind
Words lingered
Of all different kind
She’d go home
Inside her head
Take him to bed
Her toy there
That he loved to share

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