Pandora’s Box


“That’s better Mr Brown
I don’t know what you thought
Did it slip your mind
The lessons you were taught
You know you’re not the boss
At least when we’re alone
Would you like for me to call
Your sweet wife on the phone?”

He crawled across the room
She settled in his seat
Pointed with the switch
He kissed her booted feet
“That’s better now my pet
You’ve remembered your place
Make them shine with your tongue
So you can see your subby face”

“You’ll be home alone
I have a date tonight
Have called your pretty wife
Asked her out for a bite
What’s she doesn’t know
It’s her that will be bitten
And by evenings end
With me she will be smitten”

“I’m sure like you my pet
Once she tastes between my legs
Gets lost in my kisses
I’ll be smiling as she begs
Tied to my bed
Introduce her to our play
She’ll be putty in my hands
Plead me to let her stay”

“Now pleasure me my pet
While your mind fills with that scene
One night we’ll play together
With Mistress in between
Your life’s about to change
As you both do as I bid
Such excitement awaits
Under pandoras lid”

5 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box

  1. Very lovely writing. Nice how the rhymes insinuate themselves with the narrative instead of pouncing like a rap lyric. (Let us mind our apostrophes, though, eh? Or it’s a taste of the lash for you, my dear.)


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