The new boy


The end of your first week
My boy
How did you enjoy?
Let’s share a drink
I’m not as bad
As some would think

On your face?
Don’t fear
I guess you know your place
My office
Let’s lock the door
Come kneel before me
On the floor

Your drink awaits
My sex is bare
Place your lips
Ahhhh perfect there
I’m so wet
The only liquid
You will get

Oh you’re good
Save your voice
I see
I’ve made the perfect choice
Prepare yourself
Excitements rush
Open wide
Juices gush

My poor boy
See you so erect
But the release
That you expect
You won’t get
To have it now
Must wait
Until I allow

My date tonight
In sex will end
Then a message
I will send
Will leave the man
With who I’ve been
Your job to take me home
And clean

So anxious
Will you be with need
Please me
And I will milk your seed

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