Naughty Christmas Carol


“Hey neighbour
Can you help
Put up my Christmas tree
Need you to hold the ladder
Help to steady me.”
I smiled
Said “Of course
It would be a delight”
Her dress was nice and short
Knew I’d get a sight

She paused
Halfway up
Looked down and saw my eyes
We’re locked upon her naked sex
Between her glistening thighs
In mock surprise
She touched her lips
Said “Oh silly me
I forgot my panties
Do you like what you see?”

I nodded
And she smiled
Reached down and touched my head
“I’ve finished here now let’s fix
The problem in my bed
You see
It’s big and lonely
I lay awake each night
I think you have the tool
That can set this problem right”

She wrapped her hands
Around my handle
Gave a little twist
Bent for close inspection
Moaned as the head was kissed
Lay back
On the pillow
Legs now parted wide
“Just what the problem needed”
As she drew my cock inside

To add
Some Christmas flavour
Carol was her name
My visits to my neighbour
Have never been the same
On Christmas Eve
I returned
And stayed at Carol’s house
No longer was her bedroom
As quiet as a mouse

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