Her Halloween Gift

With one last tug she finished lacing her boot then moved over to look in the mirror. It was a lot of work to put them on but the effect was worth it. If things went as planned she would have a willing assistant in removing them. Turning to her side she admired how the leather corset pushed her breasts out, showing off her curves, and the gartered stockings disappeared in the stiletto heeled knee high boots. Normally a long black coat would hide this outfit from her neighbours as she headed out to the club, but tonight was different. Her neighbours Tim and Wendy had invited her to their Halloween party and she had decided to test a theory she had been forming about them since moving in next door six months ago. 
Relaxing in the back yard she often heard Wendy bossing Tim around and he always meekly obeyed. The few times she had talked to him when he was alone she’d teased him a little, touching his arm smiling and had enjoyed his blush when she joked about him looking at her breasts. At one stage while sunbathing in the backyard she had heard a noise and thinking that it was Tim, had rolled over, feeling eyes on her. Francesca had reached her hand between her legs, stroking and she could hear heavy breathing. The surprise had been when the phone had rung next door and Tim had called to Wendy from inside the house. Yes, it was going to be an interesting party
 “Hello Tim darling,” she drawled the words, smiling at his reaction to her outfit before leaning in and placing her full red lips on his. The poor little pet she thought as he almost came on the spot. 
“Ffffrancesca,” he stammered, “You look so beautiful.”
 “Why thank you pet.” she stroked his face with her nails “You look pretty good yourself.” She ran her eyes over his roman soldier costume, realising he had quite a good physique. “That’s quite a weapon you have there.” She brushed her fingers over his groin and touched his sword. “Be a dear and get me a drink while I find Wendy.” 
As Francesca crossed the room the other guest’s eyes were drawn to her. She recognised a couple of the neighbours but ignored them; instead she headed straight to Wendy, who was looking rather sexy in her Cleopatra outfit. “Thank you so much for the invitation, I’m so excited” she grabbed Wendy’s arm and pulled her in close, pressing her corseted breasts against her and kissing her cheek. 
Tim arrived with a drink and she took it without breaking eye contact with Wendy. “He’s such a dear isn’t he? You do have him trained well.” 
Wendy was staring but eventually found her voice. “Yes he is,” her voice was shaky and Wendy took a deep breath then continued, “What an amazing outfit, where did you hire it?”
 “A little secret Wendy.” Francesca leaned in and placed her lips beside Wendy’s ear, “It’s mine” she whispered, letting her lips brush Wendy’s ear, loving her shivered response.
 Francesca settled in to enjoy the party, smiling at how some of the wives kept their husbands away from her. Yet she wasn’t surprised at how other ladies used their husband’s interest to get close to her. There were more than a couple of sexy vampires. As the party neared its end she was sure she’d be invited to more than one “afternoon tea” whilst hubby was at work.
Tom kept busy serving food and drinks, making sure Francesca never had an empty glass and she always praised his attentiveness. “What a good little foot soldier you are,” she said as she pressed her heel down into his sandaled foot, watching him try not to show pain. The party was starting to end and Francesca already had a nice full calendar of afternoon tea and dinner invitations confirmed on departure by the eager men and women who had issued them.
 As the last guests were leaving she caught Wendy’s eye as she stepped out into their backyard. She walked over to the fence that separates their properties and waited. It wasn’t long before Wendy came out the back door and looked around, trying to see Francesca in the dark. “Over here, by the fence,” she called out, and then watched as Cleopatra made her way carefully. “I was admiring the view of my yard, although it’s not as interesting as it was the other day is it Wendy?”
 “What do you mean?” Wendy asked with a noticeable quiver in her voice.
 “I heard you dear.” Francesca put her arm around Wendy and turned her toward the fence. “I thought it might have been Tim so I put a show on for the little pet.” Francesca pinned Wendy to the fence, pushing her breasts into her back and dropping a hand down to her thighs. “But it was you, did you like seeing me touch myself?” She ran her hand up Wendy’s thigh, reaching her damp g string. “I bet you touched yourself didn’t you, like this.” She slipped her fingers under and into her. 
“Oohhh yes,” Wendy whimpered, “I mean noooooo,” her voice rose as Francesca pinched her clit.
 “Don’t lie to me dear, or I’ll punish you. Did you finger yourself like a little slut?”
 “Yes Francesca,” Wendy responded, starting to move her hips on the intruding fingers. 
“And what happened when Tim interrupted you?”
 “I took the call,” her voice now a series of gasps, “Then made him eat me to orgasm. Ohhh God.” Francesca’s teeth were playing with her lobe from behind and Wendy started to come, her juices flowing over Francesca’s hand.
 “Good girl Wendy,” Francesca growled into Wendy’s ear as she slowed the movement of her hand. Francesca turned her neighbour in her arms and kissed her deeply
The back door opened again and Tim came out on the deck. “Wendy?” He called out, “Are you there?
Francesca covered Wendy’s mouth with her hand. “She is Tim,” Francesca called back to him, “But she’s a little busy at the moment. Be a good little soldier and go over to my house. There is a bag next to the back door I would like you to bring over for me, a little trick or treat.” 
“Is Wendy ok?” He sounded worried so Francesca uncovered Wendy’s mouth and nodded. 
“I’m fine Tim, now just do as you’re told and get the bag,” she said with a firm voice.
“Yes dear.” He disappeared quickly.
 “Let’s return to the house.” Francesca held her juice covered fingers to Wendy lips and smiled as her neighbours tongue licked at them. They walked back into the house and Francesca wasn’t surprised to see Tim had already cleaned away the glasses from the lounge room. They sat on the sofa side by side and waited for his return. Francesca draped an arm around Wendy and pulled her close, absently fondling her nipple. “You do have him well trained dear. I’m so looking forward to testing him.”
 “What do you mean?” Wendy turned slightly to look at Francesca, then moaned as her nipple was pinched and twisted.
 “You’ll see Wendy my girl.” Francesca’s smile sent a shiver through Wendy. Tim came scurrying in and stopped when he saw the two women so close. 
“Put the bag on the table Timmy, then strip and kneel on the floor.” Tim looked at Wendy and Francesca twisted her nipple hard, causing her to cry out. “I’m the boss here Timmy so do it!” Francesca yelled and he quickly removed his costume and knelt. “Empty the bag now my boy, it’s time for trick or treat.”
 The first item out was a leather head case with a large cock where the nose would be. “Oh now there’s a treat for Wendy,” Francesca laughed. Next he pulled out a collar with two chains and clamps dangling from it. “For Wendy again, this one may be a bit of a trick though.”
 Tim put his hand in again, then hesitated before drawing out a large black cock in a strap on harness. He just stared at it.
 “Look at that,” Francesca laughed, “A little treat for Timmy, although I suppose it’s not that little. Give it a little kiss Timmy.” When he hesitated she reached out and took it, pressing it through his lips, “Don’t be shy, you two are going to become such good friends my pet.” 
Francesca picked up the head harness and slipped it over Tim’s head, strapped it before turning him to face Wendy. The large artificial cock projected out from between his eyes.
 “Strip and go wait on the bed,” she ordered Wendy and she hastily obeyed. Francesca put the collar around Tim’s neck then lifted her boots up onto the table. “Take them off for me pet. We don’t want to wreck the bed do we?” She watched as his shaky fingers worked the laces. When he was finished she stood and slipped on the strap on harness. He gazed up at her as she reached down and squeezed the artificial cock protruding from his face. “Come now Timmy, we are going to have so much fun.” She led him by the hand to the bedroom where Wendy waited, sitting up at the head of the bed, legs apart, gently stroking her moist sex. 
“Kneel down between her legs pet.” and as he did she pushed his head forward, Wendy gasping as the fake cock slid inside her. Francesca then took the two chains with clamps and attached them to Wendy nipples. Grabbing hold of Tim’s head she started moving it back and forth, causing the chains to pull tight. Wendy moaned at each pull. “What a delicious trick or treat,” Francesca laughed then moved behind Tim, lining the strap on up, preparing to enter him. “Happy Halloween,” she cried out as she thrust forward enjoying the combined screams of her neighbours as they filled her ears. She couldn’t wait to give them their Christmas present.

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