Vacant Eyes


In the mist she stopped him

Asked the way to town

Her long back hair cascaded

Over her lacy gown

Strange that she should be here

Alone and in the dark

He offered to escort her

Across the lonely park
She thanked him as they strolled 

Her hand slipped through his arm

“The least I can do ma’am

To keep you safe from harm”

He barely heard her footstep

Her movements smooth and light

Felt her body pressing

As they glided through the night
The middle of the park

She paused, “look at me,

Look deep into my eyes

Tell me what you see”

All he saw was darkness

Sensed her lips grow near

“You’re time has come to join me”

She whispered in his ear.
“I’ve watched you from afar

Chose you for my mate

Your future then was sealed

Up to me to pick the date.

You’re mine now, don’t resist”

Moved her mouth began to feed

“Then to my den we will return

And fill my other need.”
Her strong arms picked him up

Once she’d had her fill

Carried to her resting place

He’d totally lost will

Amazed he watched her work him

Trap his cock between her thighs

And she smiled down at him

Into his vacant black hole eyes

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