Office visit

He had told her

“My office tonight”

This is my chance she thought

Now she knocked 

On his door

In the new coat she had bought

The look

Upon his face

When he saw her coat and heels 

Eyes and mouth

Wide opened

Knew how a trapped rabbit feels 

He was sitting 

On his desk

Motioned to a chair

She sat

Crossed her legs

He couldn’t help but stare

“What is it

That you need sir

Is everything alright?

You look

A little flustered 

Come closer, I won’t bite”

He slid

Off the desk

Moved closer, saw her smile

“I’ve looked forward

To this meeting”

She said “for quite a while”

“It’s warm in here

She said

Proceeded then to stand

“Would you 

Remove my coat?”

He reached, trembling hand

He gasped 

She was naked

“Now your turn, pants and shirt

I need 

To feel you in me

Just once, how can it hurt?”

His desk

Became their playground

Gave in to his desires

Wrapped her sex

Around his cock

As he stoked her fires

Nails dug

Into his back

Her cries filled his ears

Heels scraped 

Down his legs

As he came, his best in years

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