Fancy Dress








Damn, the last thing I felt like tonight was going to a party but Elaine at work had made me promise, and a dress up? I haven’t dressed up since I was a kid, what could I go as.

I suppose everyone will be vampires witches or ghosts as it’s a Halloween party, well, I’ll be different. The lady at the costume shop smiled as I picked out the priests outfit and looking at myself now, all dressed to go out I thought I made a very good priest. The black was also very flattering.

I picked out a nice bottle of wine, after all what is a priest without wine and headed to the car. I didn’t realise it was so cold and was pleased that I had chosen a warm costume.

Nearing Elaine’s I rounded a corner and almost hit a small car parked on the side of the road, hazard lights flashing. I drove slowly past and the blonde lady driver turned and flashed me a defeated but still beautiful smile.

I parked in front of her and walked back to her side of the car and she lowered her window and I saw her smile disappear at the sight of my costume.

“It’s ok, I not really a priest it’s just a costume.”

“Thank goodness for that” she said as she stepped out of the car. Sitting atop her knee length boots she was wearing the local catholic school uniform and I had never seen it look so sexy. “It’s my daughters” she laughed, “it’s all I could find as a costume.”

I was standing there staring and she reached out and touched my arm.

“Hello, anyone there?”

“Im sorry” I stammered, “I didn’t expect that” and we both laughed. “What seems to be the problem?”

“A flat tire, I was just tossing up whether to walk on to the party and leave the car here or ring Elaine and get Max to come and fix it.”

“I’m going to Elaine’s too. Let’s get this fixed then we can get there for a nice warm drink.” After pulling everything out I began changing the tire and she stood beside me talking. It was hard to concentrate with her beautiful legs so close and as I was down on my knees I caught sight of the pink gstring underneath.

“Go and keep warm in my car” I told her as I could see her shivering. She no sooner got in the car and it started pouring rain and by the time I was finished I was drenched. I put the last things away and ran to my car.

“You look like a drowned rat” she laughed.

“Is that anyway for a schoolgirl to talk to a priest” I put on a stern look.

“I was always naughty at school, I’m sure they wanted to spank me all the time” she giggled.

“Follow me home” she offered, “we can put your costume in the dryer, then after we’ve shared your lovely bottle of wine we can go on to the party together, what do you think?”

“Great idea” I agreed, but as I followed her car I was thinking what was I going to wear while they dried.

I parked behind her in the driveway and watched as she ran to the door, damn she looked sexy in that costume, then jumped out the car and ran to the house.

“Take your clothes off here” she said as she opened the door and stepped into the entrance foyer, “I’ll go and get you a robe.”

She soon returned and handed me a large robe, “Put this on and take the wine to the lounge. The heaters on and glasses are on the table.”

I found the lounge and had opened and poured the wine, standing by the heater when she returned and sat on the sofa.

“Come and sit here” she patted the seat beside her and as we sipped our wine talked about how much we both disliked costume parties.

I stood to get more wine and she stood with me.

“I’ll just go and check the drier” she said, “sit back down. I won’t be long.”

When she returned she sat down closer on the sofa and I could see her lipstick had been touched up and her perfume was teasing my nose. The top two buttons on her blouse were also undone and I could see the start of her beautiful breasts. She noticed where I was looking and crossed her legs, her boot heel pressing into my leg.

“Well Father, what would you pray for to happen right now?” her hand reached out and rested on my leg.

“Something priests never do” I smiled and she reached up and stroked my face.

“If you get down on your hands and knees and pray you never know what prayers might be answered Father” she teased.

I placed my drink on the side table and slipped to me knees facing her. As my hands reached up in prayer mode she slowly parted her legs revealing the absence of the g string, her glistening bare sex confronting me.

I crawled in a little closer and she reached out, her hands behind my head as she pulled me in close, obliging with my tongue as she pressed me hard against her clit. Gripping my head she moved me face up and down, covering me with her scent before holding me steady once more on her swollen nub.

“Lick hard, suck on it” and I willingly obliged, sliding my fingers up into her wetness as I did, plunging them in, coating them in her juices before I slipped them down, teasing her arse as I licked her clit.

“Oh yessss baby” she moaned, pushing my head down, my tongue leaving her clit as it pushed into her pussy, at the same time gently probing her arse with my finger.
This drove her crazy and she tilted her hips, forcing my lips and tongue down gasping as I rimmed her with my tongue before grabbing my hair and pulling me back up to her clit.

Licking harder now I slipped two fingers into her, crooking them, searching for that spot inside her pussy, tongue teeth and lips madly working her clit.

Suddenly, pulling my hair her body started to shake and I felt a gush of liquid over my fingers and face, invading, covering my nose and mouth, unable to retreat as she held me in hard, her body wracked with the orgasms until she finally released me, sliding off the seat into my arms, kissing and licking my face.

“That was so good Father” her voice breathless in my ear, “but I’m not going to ask forgiveness yet, we have too many more sins to enjoy tonight”

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