Leather Joy

imageShe practically ran out of the post office to the car. All day at work she had been hoping the parcel would arrive. The mail clerk must have thought she was crazy when she squealed as he told her there was one for her. Opening the car door she hopped in and smiling held the parcel up to her nose. Yes! You could almost smell the leather through the packing, was sure she could.
Just the thought of the new leather bodice against her body was making her moist. Every new piece of leather did this too her, and the old pieces too she laughed to herself. She glanced down at the leather boots she wore. A few heads had turned when she had walked into work with them on this morning and she liked that. Leather always made her feel so sexy.
As she turned into the driveway she looked at the time. thank goodness she had at least an hour to herself before anyone else came home. She opened the door and throwing her keys on the bench headed straight to the bedroom and ripped open the parcel.
“Oh my God! Its beautiful” she exlaimed out loud, pulling the black leather bodice in close to her face. Pressing it hard against her nose she breathed in the beautiful aroma, then placed it down on the bed. Quickly she lifted her dress over her head and undid her bra then turned and looked in the mirror. Her fingers touched her nipples. Between her legs wasnt the only part of her body excited at the new arrival and her nipples tingled to her touch.
Turning from the mirror she lifted the leather from the bed and taking a big breath slipped it over her head. She nearly came as she felt the leather slide over her tender nipples then she felt it hug in tight against her skin. Her black boots still on she turned to look at herself in the mirror and shuddered in excitement at the sight before her. From the top of her red hair down the black boots she looked damned sexy she thought to herself. She smiled at the moist spot at the front of her black satin panties and dropped her hand down, sliding a finger beneath the band. She jumped as the finger slid over her tender clit them moaned as she sank it into her juices.
There was no way she would be able to wait till later. Slipping off the panties she walked the dresser and open the drawer with her toys. Today she wouldnt need anything too fancy and chose her favourite vibrating leather cock. She then moved the mirror to the end of the bed then climbed on the bed.
Propped against the pillows she could see her cunt framed by the boots, her red hair and smiling face above her new bodice. The new leather smell filled her nose as she watched herself in the mirror, the vibrating leather cock working its way around her sensitive lips before it bagan sending her clit into a frenzy. Removing it from her clit for just a moment she then slid the vibrating cock inside her and she almost lost control as she watched it disappear into herself.
Her heaving breath was causing her nipples to rub against the leather. It felt so good and when she withdrew the cock and placed it on her clit she couldnt hold on any longer and she let out a scream as she bucked hard against it. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she held it hard there, anxious to hold it for as long as she could.
She loved her leather

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