A night in









His mind changed
Once he saw her there
Half dressed
Brushing out her hair
Arms around
Drew back her head
Deep kisses
“Let’s stay home instead”

Her hand reached back
Liked what she found
Moan as she touched him
Enjoyed that sound
Squeezed him tight
Loved change of plans
For the night

Stood and peeled
His suit away
His bare skin there
Her lips at play
His nipples harden
Between her teeth
Nails stroking

Laid on the bed
His reply
Teasing kisses
Along her thigh
Pulls him
Craves his lips
He finds the spot
She arches hips

“Now baby please”
Need can’t hide
Moves up her body
Drawn inside
Slowly moves
Rhythm found
Eyes locked
Their breath
The only sound

Her hands reach round
Grasp his cheeks
Voice raspy as she speaks
“Harder baby”
Draws into kiss
Tempo grows
Loves him like this

Once silent
Room fills with cries
He knows it
Sees it in her eyes
Wraps around him
Holds him tight
Shakes as she takes
His seed of white

Hold him
Lips search for his
He strokes her hair
Gentle kiss
The scent of sex
Senses caress
Legs tangled
An erotic mess

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