That morning he had left her
On a sexual high
She’d lain there dazed and satisfied
As his cum ran down her thigh
At lunch he’d sent a message
Saying she could use her toy
She’d sat down on her favourite share
And relived mornings joy

She smiled now as she waited
Heard him close the door
His kind face lighting up
When he saw her on the floor
Watched his bulged expanding
As he quickly walked toward
She undid his belt and freed him
To give him his reward

Her lips and tongue surrounded
Loved to greet this way
Her sexual hunger growing
As she thought of him all day
Wouldn’t stop her teasing
Until her man let go
Steadying his knees
As she took his manly flow

5 thoughts on “HIS REWARD

  1. Wow!! To bad that isn’t in audio form. Especially in a mans voice. I’d never take the ear buds out. That’s just the third one I’ve read. I’m a very expressive person. So if my language get a bit like a potty mouth I’m sorry when a feeling strikes it strikes! On to the next:-)


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