She loved rainy days
Would wait inside
Knew he couldn’t work
So her time she’d bide
Would dress how he liked
Strain to hear
The sound of his car
As Master drew near

Crop and ties
On the table she’d lay
Her knees trembling
Anticipate play
In her stockings and heels
Wait by the door
And when it opene
Kneel on the floor

He’d walk to the table
No word would he say
Leave her wondering at
His mood for the day
Would he tie her tease her
Take her to the brink
Or use the crop
Never knew how he’d think

What ever he did
She knew wet she’d be
Whether tied to the bed
Or over his knee
Her excitement made more
By how hard he would grow
She’d beg him to take her
Let himself go

Then after this mixture
Of pleasure and pain
They’d lay down together
Listen to the rain
Stroking her hair
She’d purr at his touch
And know this is why
She loved rain so much

6 thoughts on “RAINY DAYS

  1. Amazing!!OMG I can just feel her anticipation. Waiting the not knowing. Then the act when it begins till the explosive end. The aftermath cuddle. I can understand liking the rain!


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