Down his road


Had never met her neighbour
Knew he lived alone
But was just about to meet him
She had lost her phone
Needed to ring her work
Tell them she’d be late
She knocked upon his front door
Settled back to wait
The first thing that she noticed
Was his piercing eyes
Shuddered as she felt them
Got wet between her thighs
“Of course you can use mine”
He took her by the arm
With his firm but gentle hold
She was wrapped up by his charm

Touched by her reaction
He allowed himself a smile
Loved to train a new one
Had not done for a while
Took her to his phone
Sat her in a chair
While she called her work
Ran his fingers through her hair
Slowly pulled her back
Felt her resistance fall
Her eyes gazed up at his
He was breaking down her wall
And when she finished talking
He rubbed his finger on her lip
And he knew he had a new one
When she gently sucked the tip

Something had awoken
In her a need to please
A silent moan escaped her lips
As his hands kept up their tease
And when he moved in front of her
Started to undo his belt
No words could she find
To describe just how she felt
Never had she wanted
To please a man so much
As his cock sprung out
Her hand stretched out to touch
His bands behind her head
And through her parted lips
She drew his length right in
As he slowly rocked his hips

He had watched this neighbour
Waited for the day
When she’d be drawn to him
And he’d have the chance to play
He wasn’t disappointed
Now he had the chance
A talented submissive
Her tongue played him in a dance
As he closed his eyes
He thought of coming joys
When he got her to the playroom
Introduced her to his toys
Then with that erotic thought
He felt himself explode
Now he had another
To lead down his special road

4 thoughts on “Down his road

  1. Every time I think I’ve found my favorite, you outdo yourself again. This is outstanding love! Perfect combo of seduction and heat.


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