Masters Halloween


Masters party had been wonderful
Everyone had fun
As the last guest left he said
“You did well little one”
His words of praise touched her
Did more to excite
Than the strokes and the teases
She’d received throughout the night

For Master had dressed her
In a special way
Hid nothing from his guests
Her body on display
Nipples sat above
The half cup of the bra
Short skirt showed her garter
Didn’t cover very far

As she bent to serve her shaved sex
Copped it’s amount of feels
While Master watched on proudly
She moved round on her heels
Some guest had brought their own subs
Sat them at their feet
They’d touch her then let them lick
Their finger for a treat

Now all were gone
Could see the want in Masters eyes
As she knelt, released his cock
His hardness no surprise
Licked the shiny tip
Then was lifted to her feet
“No time for games tonight pet
Come to bed now for your treat”

Anticipation of this moment
The want in Masters face
To be desired in this way
Knew she held a special place
Loved to serve this man
So proud she was the one to feed
His desire to dominate
Loved to satisfy his need

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