Glad she came to the party
Not stayed home in bed
Liked the attention
She was getting in her red
Through her mask she watched the young men
Admiring her all night
Could feel them brush against her
In her dress so tight

She accepted some dance offers
And because of her heels
The right height for their bulges
She rubbed, liked how that feels
Would feel their hands upon her
While down her cleavage glance
Her actions promised much more
At the end of every dance

She waited till she had
The right one in her hands
Drew his ear down closer
Whispered him her plans
Felt his body quiver
And as they danced real slow
She pulled him in much tighter
Felt his erection grow

Slipped out of the party
Led him to her car
Could hardly hold herself back
Her house not very far
Moist at the thought
Of setting his cock free
The toys could stay locked up tonight
Wouldn’t need the key

Inside they soon undressed
Took him to the bed
First gave him a taste
Stockinged legs around his head
Then wrapped her arms around him
Drew him deep inside
Her masked eyes still were shining
Passion impossible to hide

Could feel his need building
Until could hold no more
The speed was not a problem
With what she had in store
She loved to keep them going
The young men were so sweet
After all it’s Halloween
Loved to give them trick or treat

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