Laced in white


Waiting at her window
She saw the van arrive
She watched as he carried
Her parcel up the drive
The doorbell rang
As she made her way
To collect her parcel
On this her special day
Signed for the parcel
“It’s my birthday you know”
He said “I can tell
You have that special glow”
She smiled as he left
Opened, knew what to expect
It was a present from HIM
Sent from Victoria’s Secret
The first little box
Had the white garter belt
The next the white stocking
Loved just how they felt
The matching bra and panties
Laid them out with sigh
Then down the bottom
White heels four inches high
He wasn’t coming home
Till the end of the week
She had a little thought
Would give him a peek
Smiling she stripped
Then in the lingerie she dressed
Looked damned sexy
He would surely be impressed
She took a picture in the mirror
Sent it to his phone
She felt so sexy
What a shame she was alone
Then a naughty thought
Entered her head
Got her toy from the cupboard
Lay down on the bed
Imagined the lust
In her boyfriends eyes
As she spread her legs
Watched his manhood rise
Felt him enter her
Hips start to grind
As she copied his moves
With the vibrating kind
Through the lacy bra
A nipple pinch
Rode it hard
Taking every inch
Till at last she succumbed
To her erotic daydream
Came on the toy
With a joyous scream
Laying there panting
Her phone gave a beep
A simple reply
“Thanks for the peep”
She imagined him scuttling
To a private space
And grinned as she pictured
What was taking place

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