“Go to the stable” he said
“I feel like a ride”
The scent of the leather
Made her quiver inside
He followed her shortly
Took harness in hand
She fell to her knees
Knew what he planned

Releasing his staff
She prepared him so well
His breathing shallowed
Time now, she could tell
Turned away from him
So Master could mount
Slipped into her saddle
Her sex like a fount

Start with a canter
Slow gentle pace
Took her to a gallop
Heart started to race
Head back he rode her
His whip made her rush
Over the finish
Filled with his gush

Reach out and stroke
Her mane with a grin
Back to a gentle walk
Still held him in
Then unharnessed his mount
Led her inside
“Thank you my pet
For a wonderful ride”

6 thoughts on “MASTERS MOUNT

  1. The poem itself was great – the content immensely visually erotic. You remind me of what had just begun and then ended – a spark that had gone dim, brought back to life and growing ever so more with each playful moment … just to end, leaving me with a reminder of what took me years to forget.

    I don’t know why I keep reading your sizzling posts, they always leave me longing and sad at all at the same time … yet, they speak to me – call for me, urge me to read them. 🙂

    Well done Mark! ❤ Kimba


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