The last train was quiet
He was sitting there alone
The only one in the carriage
He was playing with his phone
Two stops from home she got on
He couldn’t help but stare
Heeled boots and fishnet stockings
Short skirt and bright red hair
She came and sat down opposite
“You look safe in your nice suit”
Her pierced tongue licked her pierced lip
“In fact you look quite cute.”
He could smell that she’d been drinking
She stared into his eyes
She wriggled on her seat
Let her dress ride up her thighs
Reached her tattooed arm out
Let her nails stroke his face
Teased along his lips
His heart began to race
Added pressure made his lips part
Her finger slipped inside
“Oh I am a bad girl aren’t i”
Her joy was hard to hide.
As the train rattled along
She got down on one knee
Swiftly undid his trousers
And set his hard cock free
She stroked it with her hands
“You’re a bad boy too
Sit back and relax
Let my pierced tongue pleasure you”
She worked her magic on him
Till the train began to slow
She stopped “Is this your station?”
Shook his head “one more to go”
Nobody got on
And as the train picked up speed
She turned away, knelt on the seat
“Time then to fill my need”
Standing up behind her
He did as he was told
Lifting up her skirt
Saw the stocking had been holed
His hard cock slid inside
She pressed back to meet his thrust
Shook her red mane wildly
Carriage filled with sounds of lust
He felt her hand between her legs
Stroking as her rode
And when she started coming
Could not hold back his load
The pleasure for him was so intense
Felt her muscles squeezing
Then she let him go and turned around
“This bad girl needed pleasing”
Then she knelt and cleaned his cock
Before tucking it away
The train slowed down and they got off
And went their separate way

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