The Scent of Love


Pulls her close
Soft whisper in her ear
“I love that scent
You wear my dear”
Slips the strap down
Bends to kiss
She softly moans
Loves him like this
Turns in his arms
His lips a taste
Tongues entwined
Deep, no haste

Dress slipped off
Soft lingerie
Undoes his belt
Hand in to play
Her games have made him
Full of need
She kneels and strokes
Begins to feed
Licks and kiss
The tender tip
Then disappear
Between her lips

Fingers grip
Her coiffured hair
Moans, looks down
Loves her there
Throat and tongue
Finger thumb
Works him hard
Drawing his cum
Legs shaking
Croaks a warning call
She closes lips
Takes it all in

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