Rainbow warriors
By gay pride

Colors of the rainbow
Warriors of love
Cover me with spirit
Through the battle
Let me hold
Let’s face them hand in hand
Don’t let our defences fold
Confront them with our kiss
Show the warmth of our embrace
Declare of love for ever
Stare them in the face
Our love is as good
As any love

Remember this , Love comes in all shapes sizes ,sex  and colors

female version of love Gay pride style  in loving memory of  Rachel


When did it change

When did it change
Our life rearrange
Something ends
No longer friends

I wonder how
Lovers now
Tears in your eye
Don’t cry

One day something
One day a bells ring
A need comes through
For you

One kiss one look
All it took
By nights end
No longer friend


We would like to thank Mark Davis for giving us this platform to express our love in honor of ” Romance Week ”
Romance & love comes in all forms , gay or straight we all love in our own individual way



  1. Good work Gaypride.
    This straight guy is in complete agreement of your sentiment, “gay or straight we all love in our own individual way.”
    Attraction, love, sexuality, identity… what is it to those who are not within but watch from without? Every soul on this planet is deserving of love and where that is found, it should be a celebration.

    Great going Mark, delighted to know you have a pure soul 🙂 I respect your respect.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Damn wordpress… if anybody noticed that I ‘liked’ my own comment, I’d like to explain it was not arrogance! I was trying to identify if ‘Sexy Pea’ (who had liked) had a site I could visit and managed to inadvertently click the damn ‘like’ as it moved when I hovered over it!


  2. HATFM!!
    One day, we will have a world where love is measured by the heart and not by the colour of our skin or the flag we wave or what version of a God we pray to.
    One day we will just LOVE

    BELLISSIMA on the poems to the Poets/Authors of these pieces. You’ve touched my heart and you made me HOWL!!! Face Licks pppp

    Sir Mark, hold on to your cuppa…face licks to you too haha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heartfelt words that speak the truth. No matter who you love or how you love or when you love the thing to remember is just to love. It should not be about this ones thoughts or that ones beliefs it should be accepted and understood that we all need to love. Never about what one believes is right or wrong but that we find the happiness in our lives to love the one person that truly is our heart and soul. Nothing less should be accepted. Amazing poems!!!!!!! Rainbow Warriors AWESOME!
    God Bless


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