She cried at the airport
When she saw him land
She cried
When she saw him
As he took her hand
She cried
When she kissed him
The taste of his lips
She cried
His hand stroking her hair
His gentle finger tips
Touching her breast bare
She cried
On the way home
After they had kisses
She cried
When he told
How much he had missed this
She cried
When they got home
Took her in his arms
She cried
As he entered her
Reacquainted with his charms
She cried
At the passion
Present in his eyes
She cried
As she held him
Locked between her thighs
She cried
Now he was back
Her lover and best friend
She cried
As he whispered
“My love for you will never end

Mark Davis


In closing comments my most heartfelt thank you to my wonderful  Poetesses  & Gentleman poets without which ,this would not have been possible .

My homage to all 

Romance Challenge

It’s been wonderful
Day by day
Watching the different poets play
Such an assortment
There has been
Some the likes I’ve never seen

Challenge for some
The romance theme
A different world of love and dream
But turn their thoughts
They did so well
Weaved us into their magic spell

So fellow poets
Please stand tall
Squash on the podium one and all
I give thanks
You chose my blog to grace
Award you all equal first place

Know my friends
In future times
When lustful words, erotic rhymes
My hand I’ll throw up
To assist
Your invitation impossible to resist

Thank you so much
This Romance Challenge has come to an end !

A special thank you to  Angel for all her  wonderful hard work ,without which ,much of this would not have happened.

What a fabulous two weeks these have been . At times not sure I would make it through , will most certainly need a much need rest after this . However , There are still a few treats in store over the next few days . I invite everyone ,poet and novice alike to join in on a Twitter / Facebook wordplay using ” Romantic ” words which I will post on Sunday .many have asked to join in on the “Romance Challenge ” so here’s your chance to give it a go !

I also have two poem left from  my anonymous  gay couples to honor and represent the romantic love which they share . As they are anonymous they have asked me to be shared , but not within the actual challenge ,so as not to dim the light of the featured poets . So in homage to ALL  types of  romance and love , those will be posted tomorrow . Thank you once again ,this has truly been a pleasurable experience

Mark davis

17 thoughts on “SHE CRIED BY MARK DAVIS

  1. Wow oh wow ! What a beautiful poem that was pure romance mark , I literally cried my friend 😢😢, it was positively beautiful ! , and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of romance weeks , and for being invited to participate with all the wonderful poetesses . I can’t thank you enough you did an amazing job and you are truly a “master poet ” bravo 👍🎶👏👏👏take a bow for a job well done and for gracing us with the beauty of not only your words but ALL of these fabulous poets

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh Mark what a beautiful and touching piece, truly exquisite Hun!

    And dearest it has been an honour and pure pleasure, thank-you so much for asking me to be apart of this epic challenge…. New conections made and the talent wonderful! And Miss Angel job well done!!! xox

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on High in the Woods and commented:
    An amazing display of talent hosted by Sir Mark.
    All poems assembled painted with a brush bound by love
    Rivals any gallery found on the streets of New York to London to Paris
    The moon and stars themselves shed tears.
    To everyone involved, especially to Sir Mark, thank you for allowing this beast into your woods. You are forever welcome in mine.
    Sir Mark, (hold on to your cup) you deserve applause and of course howls, hugs and face licks pppp and wtf, leg humps too.

    Cheers everyone. Happy Weekend. Now get out there and party like its 19’69

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