Cutting Her Loose
By PJ Bayliss

The key fitted perfectly into the door,
And slithers of light cut across the floor,
Hinges moaning as if they already knew,
What my sexual intentions were for for.

Your hand trembled nervously as I grasp,
Edging you forward into the lingering lust,
Our breathe echoed against concrete walls,
Before I stopped and allowed a brief pause.

Our eyes gathered together in the dim light,
I smiled and admired the angelic sight,
Of your torso and bosom as it gently heaved,
And of where I intended to bury my seed.

My thumb curled around your bottom lip,
Before I muzzled in for an intimate kiss,
Compelling your shoulders to drop towards earth,
Releasing the gates to your pulsating purse.

You drifted before me upon my open palm,
Then your eyes darted open in silent alarm,
As the cold leather pressed against your thigh,
From the table upon which you’ll be tied.

I close my eyes in order to envision,
How I desire your body to be positioned,
To appease my senses and guilty pleasure,
At my own pace and sublime leisure.

With your wrists bound tight in coarse rope,
Pulled far behind your back in lost hope,
Shoulders forced into an acute angle,
To your ankles so that you may dangle.

Inches above the black leather surface,
Knees pried open to expose your purse,
I hoist you upward to my waist height,
Observing the sway as you struggle with fight.

Your cheeks glowing red as I push,
My swollen member into your mush,
Deep into the recesses of your throat,
My thrusts taken up by slack in the rope.

You gag and choke for a little while,
As I plan my next move to defile,
Your body so twisted and distorted,
A delicacy yet sexually sordid.

Your’e left hanging as I patiently wait,
With a tool that rapidly vibrates,
Against your flesh which eventually weeps,
While simply do as I please.

Spinning you round, twisting the rope,
Tightening it further against your hope,
The room whirling past in a spin,
Stopping where I plunge into your sin.

My girth thrusting through your seam,
Within you we become a single being,
Saturated yet still soaking me in,
Clasping onto me from within.

The ropes cut into you with a sting,
As our bodies continue colliding,
Deeper and harder until I say,
Come for me Pet, cut loose and spray.

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