ICYMI a tango of musical words by the lovely Clarissa Clemens

Mark Davis Author / Poet


He holds my trust

in his loving hands

He nurtures my needs

and completely understands

Accepting the risk

we are undertaking

By opening our hearts

With a chance

of them breaking

Open arms and souls

Taking another chance

Letting go of control

To begin our tentative dance

Hurt many times before

You assure me, no more

You will take care

of my fragility

With tenderness

and humility

There is no looking back

To do so,

you lose track

of what life has to offer

going forward to prosper

Full of hope,

full of anticipation

Allowing in

the loving sensation

©Clarissa O. Clemens July 2014

You can find Clarissa Clemens at ;

Website https://www.pleasureportalpress.com/pleasure-portal-entrance.html

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7587645.Clarissa_O_Clemens

Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/@ClarissaClemens

Facebook https://m.facebook.com/ClarissaClemens

Poetic Interpretation Of Picture and Title By Mark Davis

Tentative dance
By Mark Davis

The tentative dance
That bought them
To this special place
Of her there beside him
Dressed only…

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