She kisses his hand by suza

Suza blog is

Mark Davis Author / Poet

whiter shade of palest skin
she’s sweetly serene~ she’s complex within
she has waited a lifetime for him

With feline grace & dangerous stealth
he languidly circles his prey
watching her watching him
the only tell-tale sign of disquiet
the quiver of her chin

He realizes most others never see past
her breathtaking beauty
her sweet gentility
her calm, still waters
her subtle charm
unassuming in her abilities

but, he sees more
he sees everything she is
& will be
He sees the woman inside
longing to be free
tired of playing societies games of subtly
a heart filled with desire & pent-up rage
for so long trapped in convention’s cage
seeking a place to spread her wings
to explore love’s imaginings
to discover & be discovered
have passions uncovered
by one who will cherish
not plunder the treasure
she freely offers

She stares at him eyes filled
with naked…

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