By Malia
His breath once filled my burning lungs
With every gasp of air I took
He gave me life with His
Alone I stand waiting
Where are you

My heart beats faster saying His name
Remembering His very first touch
Soaring into unbelievable lust
A passion only He could sate
Where are you

I hunger for His taste please just one
The smell of His skin upon mine
Marks on my body placed with care
Lost in a world that once was ours
Where are you

Seduced by the flames that once set me on fire
As His fingers gently swept over me
To feel the heat that raged core deep
His control over me…unreal
Where are you

Everytime He was near my knees were weak
An urgent need to be devoured
His lips feasting on mine
Nibbling licking capturing my moans
Where are you

Smoldering gazes as eyes darkened
Never afraid to explore the unknown
Desires of passions shared with lust
Felt deep within our core
Where are you

Arms that held me thru the night
Always cradled safe His heat circled me
As His fingers slid up n down my spine
Tingles shivers pulses begging “touch me”
Where are you

My sheltered world you knew you held my heart
Souls that once were entwined
“You are my one true love” words you said to me
Were you to weak to fight for me
Where are you

Here I stand alone in the dark
Pieces of my heart to broken to count
My shattered soul will never be repaired
It left me when you said goodbye
Where are you

What once was said I believed it all
What once was felt a love so deep
What once was known held within my heart
What once was mine my souls true mate
Everything’s gone…Where are you


Malia ‘s other poetic works can be found on :

Twitter @88Mimiof2
Tumblr nautigirlz.tumblr.com
WordPress liamaz2.wordpress.com


Poetic Interpretation Of Picture & Title
Where Are You
By Mark Davis

Against the window
Stares to space
In her dreams
She’s seen his face
With the waiting
Need to touch him
Not abating
On the train
Eagerly scan
In the city
Search for this man
Out driving
Check out cars
In the cinemas
And bars

Almost beaten now
A sigh
A tear forms
In her eye
Closed eyes
Pressed against the glass
She doesn’t see him pass
But her beauty
Has been seen
A soft voice against her ear
“Where have you been?”


  1. Amazing performance of words, the essence truly ignites M’lle Malia, beautifully done.

    Sir Mark, tipping my hat to you for taking on such a challenge and to collaborate with such amazing talent.

    Howling to you both (((Awhoooo)))

    Liked by 1 person

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