“A surprise for you my boy
Lay down on your back”
He did as he was ordered
While she opened up the pack
His eyes opened wide
When he saw what she withdrew
A long black strapon
“I bought it just for you”

Moaned as the straps tightened
Around Mistress waist
The head brushed his lips
“Enjoy your first taste”
Knelt between his legs
Pushed them open wide
Lubed up the strapon
Slid fingers inside

“Keep your eyes open boy
I want to see
That beautiful moment
You give your arse to me”
Teased his hole with the end
His arse tried to reject
Then that precious time
When he finally accepts

Held it in for moment
Then the long slow ride
Spread his legs further
Took her further inside
Mistress so turned on
The look on his face
As she sent her boy
Into perfect subspace

Long slow rhythm
His arse almost numb
Played with his cock
Prepared him to come
Teased and squeezed
Till with begging scream
Took him past the point
Released his warm white stream

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