Servicing The Lady Boss

Mark Davis Author / Poet


He woke to her aroma
Fingers on his face
Blindfolded he remembered
How she lured him to this place
“Come up for a nightcap”
She had seemed so sweet
The next thing that he knew
Waking tied up to the seat

Though they worked together
He’d tried to keep it straight
She’d pestered him to take her out
“I’m your boss we cannot date”
But tonight after a meeting
She’d finally got her way
“I saved your butt in their
So tonight I think you pay”

She behaved herself through dinner
Kept the chat all nice
Even pulled away
When his foot had touched hers twice
Asked for a lift home
“Don’t feel safe on the late trains”
Offered him a nightcap
He should have used his brains

Now here he was
Tied down to the chair
She stripped off before him
Ran fingers through his hair
Left the blind…

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